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  3. Ministry of Interior The Organization of National Police Kingdom of Cambodia General Commissariat of National Police Royal Police School Dept. of Eco. Planning & Finance Dept. of Radio Communication Headquarter of National Police Central Bureau of Interpol Dept. of Education & Dissemination Tourism Police Dept. Department of Health Anti-Drug Police Dept. Department of Construction Intervention Police Dept. Department of Cipher Department of Asean Affairs Central Dept. of Public Order Central Dept. of Judicial Police Central Dept. of Security Central Dept. of Means Central Dept. of Border Police Dept. of land border police Dept of statistic & passport Dept. of criminal police Dept. of gen. intelligence Dept. of personnel Dept of maritime border Dept of anti-fire & weapon Dept. of economic police Dept. of counter terrorism Dept. of training Dept. of technical border Dept. of protection police Dept. of anti-human traffick. Dept. of foreigner Dept. of logistic & tech. mat. Dept. of order police Dept. of tech & scientific Dept. of body-guard Municipal & Provincial Police Commissariat Inspectoriat District Police Post of Administrative Police

  4. The Organization of Central Department of Judicial Police Central Department of Judicial Police Secretariat Criminal Police Department Economic Police Department Technical & Scientific Department Anti-Human Trafficking & Juvenile Protection Dept. Admin & Conclusion Office Admin & Conclusion Office Administration & Report Office Administration & Report Office Serious Crime Office Domestic Product Office Crime Scene Examination Office Information & Techno. Office Misdemeanor Crime Office Import Product Office Weapon Examination Office Anti-Human Trafficking Office Procedure Office Domestic Product Fiscal Office General Examination Office Juvenile Protection Office Intervention Office Import Product Fiscal Office Archives Office Investigation Office National Security Eco. Office Chemical & Biological Office Criminology Office Procedure Office Cultural Property Protection Property Protection Office Dog Anti-Crime Office

  5. Municipal & Provincial Police Commissioner The Organization of Municipal & Provincial Commissariat Police Reception & Administrative Reporting & Analysis Office Headquarter of Commissariat Police Documentation Office Education Circularization Office Central Office of Public Police Central Office of Judicial Police Central Office of Security Central Office of Means Order Office Serious Crime Office Gen. Information Office Office of Staff Land Traffic Office Misdemeanor Crime Office Counter Terrorism Office Office of Training Maritime Traffic Office Economic Office Foreigner Office Office of Accounting Intervention Office Anti-Drug Office Tourism Police Office Office of Health Anti-Fire Office Anti-Human Trafficking Office of Logistics Weapon Office Tech. Scientific Office Inspection of District Police Post of Administrative Police

  6. GENERAL ROLE OF CAMBODIAN NATIONAL POLICE -The General Commissariat of National Police is under the direct control of Ministry of Interior. - The Constitution of Kingdom of Cambodia provides guidance as to the general role of police in Cambodia. Chapter III titled "The Rights and Obligation of Khmer Citizens" specifically impact on police operation and procedures . - The general role of police was also defined during the UNTAC period by the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia ( 1992 ). - The United Nation played an important role in the development of laws and guidelines relating to investigation of crime and the role of Judicial Police. The authority for the United Nation to make these laws was provided in the "Agreement on a Comprehensive Political Settlement of the Cambodia Conflict, of October 1993". As a result of this agreement, guidelines for the police, judiciary and correctional services were stated in the "Provisions relating to the Judiciary and Criminal Law and Procedure applicable in Cambodia during the transitional period". This document is commonly called the UNTAC Code.

  7. SPECIFIC ROLE OF THE JUDICIAL POLICE • The role of the judicial police is outlined in the Cambodia law on Criminal Procedure ( 1993 ). • Chapter Two in this Law includes articles that define the role and function of the Judiciary Police and also provide specific instructions and guidelines on how to do the job. Law on Criminal Procedure: Article 35 - This article clearly defines the general role of the Judiciary Police is to gather evidence and handover perpetrators for all three level of offences. (Serious crime, misdemeanors crime and minors ). This article also describes when police can arrest. Law on Criminal Procedure: Article 36 - This article nominates { Who } are authorized to perform the duty of Judiciary Police .

  8. Law on Criminal Procedure: Article 37 - This article states { Where } Judiciary Police can perform the duties that are described in article 35. In other word, where criminal offences occur, at the residences of the offenders and where an offender is found . Law on Criminal Procedure: Article 38 - This article defines { What } Judiciary Police can do when carrying out their duties. How this duties are to be performed is explained in the various sections of " the Judicial Police Operating Procedures Manual ". - This article also gives Judicial Police the power to detain offenders for 48 hours. In case of necessary the police may seek for more 24 hours from the Prosecutor for further investigation (Felony). Law on Criminal Procedure: From Article 39 to 48 describes the role of Judicial Police to submit reports, and the role relating to those reports.

  9. PROCEDURES FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF OFFENCES LEGAL REQUIREMENTS - The Constitution of Kingdom of Cambodia (1993) - The Cambodia Law on Criminal Procedure (1993) - UNTAC Coda (1992) PROCEDURE RELATING TO THE CRIME SCENE - Definition of the crime scene - Initial Action at crime scene - Scene control - Responsibility for Investigation - Scene Coordinator - Collecting and Preserving Evidence. PROCEDURE FOR IDENTIFYING THE CORRECT OFFENCE - Offences defined - Elements of Common offence

  10. PROCEDURE FOR INTERVIEWING VICTIMS AND WETNESSES - Definition of Victim and Wetness - Providing Assistance - Compensation - Conducting the Interview - Statement Details - Sexual Assault Victims - Children PROCEDURE FOR CONDUCTING SEARCHS - Necessity and Consideration for a search - Planning the search - Obtaining a Search warrant - Conduct of the Execution of a search warrant. - Handling of the property Seized and Persons Arrested. PROCEDURE FOR INVESTIGATION DEATH - General responsibility of the Judicial Police - Initial Action and Preservation of the Scene - Reporting of Deaths. - Investigation into the Reportable Death. - Notification of Death. - Death on Police Custody.

  11. Achievements concerning the Suppression of Terrorism In the Country and International Terrorism Network A.Terrorism in the Country Up to now, almost all activities of the Cambodian Freedom Fighters (CFF), under the leadership of Cambodian-US national Chhun Yasith, have been suppressed and their contacts removed.

  12. Guide Book on Policy and Strategy of Terrorism CFF Ring Leader Chhun Yasith sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. Now in California, USA Kim Kiri Richard, Vice Ring leader, arrested 25 Nov. 2000

  13. Flag of the CFF ID papers confiscated from the CFF members: membership cards, stamps, medals, weapons, flags, cell phones, etc.

  14. Heavy weapons confiscated from the CFF members

  15. B. International Terrorism Network: In spite of limited specialized training and quantity of necessary equipment used for the anti-terrorism operations, several cases have been detected and suppressed due to close cooperation with other countries involved: B.1: Four Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) Members: 1. HAJICHI MING ABDUZAZI, male, aged 36, Thai-Islamic national, teacher at OM AL QURA Organization in Cambodia

  16. 2. ESAM MOHAMID KHIDR ALI, male, aged 40, Egyptian, Director of OM AL QURA Organization in Cambodia 3. MUHAMMAD YALALUDINE MADING, male, aged 41, Thai-Islamic national, teacher at OM AL QURA Organization in Cambodia 4. SMAN ISMAEL alias ISMAEL, male, aged 25, Cambodian-Islamic national, teacher at Muslim-Kuwait school in Cambodia

  17. Crime Prevention and Community Safety (CPCS) • Kandal Province has been selected to pilot the development of crime prevention and community safety and implement various innovative strategies to address crime and community safety issues. • The lessons learned and the methods and principles adopted that lead to crime prevention and community safety achievements will be the foundation for building a National Crime Prevention and Community Safety strategy.

  18. Kandal Provincial CPCS Organizational Structure

  19. Kandal Provincial CPCS Committee Structure First Deputy Governor of Kandal Chairman Deputy Police Commissioner Vice Chairman Rep. of Prosecution Rep. of Social Affairs and Labour Rep. of Court Judge Rep. of Women and Veteran Affairs Dept. Rep. of Education Dept. Rep. of Health Dept. Rep. of Kandal Prison

  20. District CPCS Committee Structure District Governor Chairman District Deputy Police Inspector Vice Chairman Rep. of Chief of Commune Council Rep. of District Health Office Rep. of Chief of Police Post Rep. of District Women and Veteran Affairs Office Rep. of District Education Office Rep. of District Social Affairs and Labour Office

  21. Thanks for Your Attentions