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  1. Learn Academy Orientation – Chapter 3

  2. This Session… • Instructor Training • Certification Vouchers • Continuing Education • Alumni • On Site Support Visits • Getting CCAI Certified

  3. Train The Trainer Model Cisco CATC Instructors Regional Instructors Local Academy Instructors Local Academy level Students • The Networking Academy program provides training for Academy instructors through a "trainer of trainers" model. FLOW OF TRAINING EXPERTISE

  4. Open Training Model Open Training Model • Instructors may attend curriculum training from an academy which is not in their existing supporting academy.

  5. Closed Training Model • Instructors wishing to receive curriculum training for a specific topic must attend their existing support academy or “support center.”

  6. Preparing For Training • Instructors are required to download and study the entire curriculum at least two weeks prior to attending the first day of training

  7. Registering For Training • You will need to register for your class online via the Academy Connection. It is recommended that you register at least 24 hours before the start time of the class • The 1st course all Instructors are required to take is this course, the Academy Orientation Course

  8. Requirements For Training • During the training, you will be expected to do the following • Actively participate in trainers' presentations • Demonstrate use of best teaching practices and effective presentation techniques • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the monitoring process • Pass a written final exam • Pass a skills-based final exam

  9. Instructor Fast Track Training • An abbreviated form of instructor training available to prospective instructors who are industry certified and who are already very familiar with the Networking Academy Curriculum

  10. Voucher Requirements • Instructors and students who meet the qualifications can receive a voucher for a discount on the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and Certified Web Design Apprentice (CWDSA) exam fees.

  11. CCNA Versions 2.12 and Earlier • Instructors must have successfully completed CCNA 1-4 training (with a minimum score of 80%), as verified by the Academy Connection or Regional/CATC records • Instructors must currently be using the Academy Connection for their Student classes • Instructors are only eligible for one voucher, regardless of the score received

  12. CCNA Versions 2.13 and Later • The Instructors must receive a score of Proficient or higher on the CCNA 4 Chapter 9 exam (please note this is an optional exam), as verified by the Academy Connection or Regional/CATC records • Instructors must currently be using the Academy Connection for their Student classes • Instructors are only eligible for one voucher, regardless of the score they received

  13. CWDSA Discount • All Cisco Networking Academy users who have taken the Fundamentals of Web Design Course are eligible for the CWDSA exam discount.

  14. How To Obtain Your Voucher • CCNA: Professional Development, Certification Status and Information on their home • CWDSA exam discount by visiting

  15. Continuing Education Requirements • Continuing education is expected of all Networking Academy instructors. • At least 4 hours of additional training is required each year for each course an instructor has completed. • This additional training requirement begins within the first 12 months of completing initial training.

  16. Types of Continuing Education Events • Continuing education requirements can be achieved by taking training classes offered by: • Cisco • your CATC • your Regional Academy • by attending national conferences

  17. Facilitation of Continuing Education Events • CATCs are required to hold continuing education events quarterly; • Regional Academies should hold continuing education sessions at least twice a year. • These continuing education updates can be provided in person or virtually.

  18. Definition of Alumni • Students and graduates who have completed at least one Course (CCNA, CCNP, Fundamentals of Web Design, Fundamentals of Unix etc) are eligible to register as Alumni • Three different types of alumni: • Eligible Alumni • Registered Alumni • Alumni Member

  19. Alumni Registration • “Eligible Alumni” will be asked to provide minimal contact information before registering as “Registered Alumni” • If you choose to register, you will be presented with a link to the Academy Connection. • 4 month free subscription

  20. Alumni Survey • A voluntary survey through which baseline and continuing career data will be collected on students and graduates • Upon agreement to complete the Alumni Survey, graduates will be given an additional 2 months free subscription to the “Alumni Connection” web site (for a total of 6 months free subscription)

  21. CCAI Certification • The CCAI program can be viewed as • a vehicle for professional development • A process to ensure that instructors are proficient in the Academy curriculum they will be teaching • It enables instructors to exhibit their teaching methods

  22. CCAI Qualifications • To meet the CCAI requirements you must do the following: • Successfully complete the Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Orientation Course. • Successfully complete all curriculum course training (including final exams, skills tests, and demonstration of pedagogical skills). • Meet the requirements for recognized industry certification. • Successfully teach one semester of the curriculum as verified through the online Assessment System.

  23. How to Apply For CCAI Certification • Instructors must send a copy of their industry certification to the Help Desk • Also send: • Name (Preferred Name on CCAI certificate) • Academy Name • Phone number/email address • Copy of certification • Certificates will be created and mailed via U.S. Mail to the Instructor