national safe haven alliance basic safe haven provider training n.
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National Safe Haven Alliance Basic Safe Haven Provider Training PowerPoint Presentation
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National Safe Haven Alliance Basic Safe Haven Provider Training

National Safe Haven Alliance Basic Safe Haven Provider Training

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National Safe Haven Alliance Basic Safe Haven Provider Training

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  1. National Safe Haven Alliance Basic Safe Haven Provider Training

  2. National Safe Haven Alliance 1-888-510-BABY(2229) The National Safe Haven Alliance (NSHA) supports states’ efforts to prevent infanticide and newborn abandonment through education and advocacy of the Safe Haven law. NSHA commits to supporting and assisting a parent in a crisis situation that may be unwilling or unable to care for her newborn, by providing national resources and options including parenting, temporary placement and adoption.

  3. Safe Haven Law The law provides safe options for a parent that may be unable or unwilling to care for their infant. Safe Haven allows a parent to anonymously relinquish an unharmed baby to a Safe Haven provider and the parent will not be prosecuted. This law gives a desperate parent a safe alternative to save the life of a newborn. Safe Haven locations, providers and allowed time to relinquish a newborn differ for states, know your state law.

  4. Who are Safe Have Providers (Providers vary depending upon state law) Hospital staff member on duty in all states Other providers may include: Firefighter and EMT on duty Law Enforcement Officer on duty Free standing emergency department staff Church on duty staff or volunteer Participating Adoption Agency staff County Health Department staff

  5. Kentucky Safe Haven Law KRS § 405.075 Age: A child 30 days old or less may be relinquished using Safe Haven law. Who Can Relinquish a Newborn: The newborn may be relinquished by the parent of the child and did not express an intent to return for the child. Safe Haven Provider: Infant must be handed to a staff member on duty Hospital Fire station, EMS provider Police station Designated church * Provider to notify Department of Community Based Services as soon as possible.

  6. Facilitating Safety for Parent and Newborn Priority is to provide a safe and confidential environment for a mother or parent Provide all options for a parent in crisis situation Facilitate involvement with NSHA staff for further support if needed Utilize resources for a mother or parent, answer all questions Encourage hospital delivery if mother is willing Provide counseling options for mother or parent

  7. When working with a mother in a crisis situation Provide these options 1.Parenting: Discuss what would cause her to feel she is unable to parent this child, provide necessary resources to parent child. Temporary placement option available. 2. Adoption: Utilize adoption experts and resources if a mother is willing to consider this option. 3.Safe Haven: This is a life saving, last resort. Provideinformation regarding the law, Safe Haven providers, and confidentiality.

  8. What do I do if a newborn is relinquished to me? Any State approved Safe Haven provider Voluntarily accept infant, ask if parent is willing to provide information regarding newborn/pregnancy Encourage mother to receive medical evaluation, offer aftercare resource Call 911 for medical evaluation and transport to nearest Emergency Department. Fire and EMS will notify hospital staff of Safe Haven relinquishment upon arrival. The newborn will receive a medical evaluation by the ER physician, be admitted to hospital for further evaluation if needed Hospital Social Worker will notify Department of Child and Family Services of the Safe Haven relinquishment, DCFS will provide direction regarding placement for newborn upon discharge.

  9. Fire and EMS Safe Haven Response Know your state law, on duty firefighter/EMS staff approved SH provider Respond to 911 call or NSHA crisis response team notification to designated location Voluntarily accept newborn Evaluate newborn and transport to nearest hospital *Notify hospital staff of Safe Haven relinquishment prior to arrival, if mother is also transported, mother and infant are admitted separately Offer mother medical evaluation and transport to hospital Provide mother/parent opportunity to provide infant information regarding birth or pregnancy, this is not required Provide NSHA hotline for aftercare and counseling resources if needed

  10. What if child is older than Safe Haven law allows? Voluntarily accept the child Encourage to parent to stay at location to discuss safe placement options Call crisis hotline for support and resources 1-888-510-2229 Transport child to nearest hospital for evaluation If parent leaves please notify law enforcement and state Department of Child/Family Services

  11. In Hospital Delivery and Relinquishment Please offer support and options to mother/parent in crisis pregnancy situation Safe Haven surrender of newborn to a staff person at hospital is approved location in every state in the U.S. Know state law and hospital policy Contact NSHA crisis line for support and resources NSHA provides a comprehensive training for healthcare facilities contact NSHA leadership for more information

  12. In hospital delivery instructions When woman delivers in hospital and states intent for Safe Haven: Discuss all options with mother; parenting, adoption and Safe Haven If mother is discharged prior to newborn dischargecomplete notifications of Safe Haven relinquishment after mother has left the hospital Provide aftercare instructions to mother Know hospital policy and process regarding change of name on chart for infant, anonymous upon Safe Haven relinquishment Call NSHA with any questions: 1-888-510-2229

  13. NSHA provides: 1. Staff the 24/7 crisis hotline 2. Support for mother/parent with crisis response team- including all options 3. Support for state Safe Haven leaders 4. Best practice national model 5. Community education campaigns 6. National Safe Haven awareness 7. Support and education for Safe Haven providers 8. Provide option of comprehensive Healthcare System and facility training

  14. National Safe Haven Alliance P.O. Box 12631 Glendale, AZ 85318 Hotline # 1-888-510-BABY(2229) 501(c)3 Nonprofit EIN # 83-0409635

  15. Thank you for your effort in preventing infant abandonment.