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  1. Coyotes By Adesh Labhasetwar

  2. There are many animals in the world, like a bear, or a snake, and a-oh, my favorite, the coyote. I even have a few facts about the coyote, like the adaptation, the life cycle, and how they are different from a gray fox. Go ahead and read on for the really awesome facts.

  3. Awesome Adaptations Coyote’s Fur First, I will talk about the coyote’s adaptations. They have a lot of adaptations, but I will tell you only a few of the adaptation. • The first one is: coyotes have fur to keep them warm when the weather is freezing. • The second one is: they have speed to catch their prey so their prey doesn’t run away. • They have sharp teeth to rip open their prey. • Fur that can camouflage so they can hide from their predator and sneak up on their prey. Coyote running

  4. This is an adult coyote. Life Cycle The coyote’s life cycle is so interesting. The life cycle goes like… First, the female coyote tries to find a mate, when she finds the right one, she tries to have her pups born in the spring because there is food in the spring. Later, when the pups a born, they are blind in their den. In about 14 days, they are able to see. Soon, the pups are fed by their mother for 5-7 weeks. In about 3 weeks, they start to eat half solid, half liquid food that their mother and father have thrown up. At the end of summer, the pups turn to coyotes and have freedom depending on how much food is in their habitat and\or how the weather is in their habitat. This is what a baby coyote looks like.

  5. Difference… between a Gray Fox There is one animal that looks like the coyote, and that is the… Gray Fox. I am going to tell you the difference between these 2 animals. The Gray Fox… Its fur is a silver gray with a few shades of yellow. The Gray Fox is 19-28” and weighs 5.5-15.4 lbs. The coyote… Its fur is gray with a brown colored nose. The coyote also has back, outer ears, legs, and feet. Coyote Gray Fox

  6. Now that you know about a coyote’s adaptation, life cycle, and the difference between a gray fox, maybe you can spot one in North America, Central Alaska, East of Nova Scotia, or South of Panama. Good Luck

  7. Resources • • • Animal Fact Card # 74.