congratulations on the 35 th anniversary conference of the acei philippines n.
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Congratulations on the 35 th Anniversary Conference of the ACEI-Philippines PowerPoint Presentation
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Congratulations on the 35 th Anniversary Conference of the ACEI-Philippines

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Congratulations on the 35 th Anniversary Conference of the ACEI-Philippines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Congratulations on the 35 th Anniversary Conference of the ACEI-Philippines. From All Members of ACEI Executive Board Hong Kong & Macau. Welcome to Hong Kong & Macau !. Paper to be Presented at the 35th Anniversary Conference of the Association for

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Congratulations on the 35 th Anniversary Conference of the ACEI-Philippines

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congratulations on the 35 th anniversary conference of the acei philippines

Congratulations on the 35th Anniversary Conference of the ACEI-Philippines


All Members of

ACEI Executive Board

Hong Kong & Macau

Welcome to

Hong Kong

& Macau !


Paper to be Presented at the 35th Anniversary Conference of the Association for

Childhood Education International – Philippines (ACEI-Philippines)

“Focus on the Teacher: Global in Mind, Local at Heart”

December 8-9, 2006

Manila Pavilion Hotel, Manila, Philippines

A Review of ACEI-Hong Kong & Macau (ACEI-HKM) Branch History

and the Scenario of Regional Collaboration

Dr. Ramsey D.Y. Koo, ACEI-HKM President

Hong Kong & Macau


  • Brief review of ACEI-HKM branch history
  • Nature and roles of ACEI-HKM.
  • Scenario of building partnership,

regional collaboration and international

networking, with particular attention to ACEI branches in the Asia Pacific region

brief history of acei hong kong macau
Brief History of ACEI-Hong Kong & Macau
  • 1998 -- July 21, ACEI-HKM was founded as a chapter under ACEI, Maryland, USA
  • 1999 – 15 June, ACEI-HKM

Registration with Government of Hong Kong under

the Cert. of Registration of Society

Sec. 5A(1), Ch 151 of Societies Ordinance

  • 1999 -- President contributes seed money to the branch
  • 1999 June -- Received Donation from Director, Kingston International School, Hong Kong
a tale of two cities
A Tale of Two Cities

Prior the return of sovereignty, both Hong Kong and Macau were under colonial rule for centuries.

Hong Kong is a former British colony since 1842-- July1997

Pop. 6 million

Macau emerged as part of Portuguese empire in the 16th century-- Dec1999

Pop. half million

acei hkm registration under one countries two systems
ACEI-HKM Registration Under One Countries & Two Systems
  • Registered in 2 territories in China, and under both Hong Kong & Macau jurisdictions
  • Founded in the middle of the end of 2 political transitions
  • Documents subject to former British & Portuguese as well as Chinese laws
other affiliation of acei hkm
Other Affiliation of ACEI-HKM
  • ACEI-HKM is granted a seat as an official member on the Advisory Management Committee of the Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre (HKTC), a public body under the Education Management Bureau (EMB) since 2003.
ii nature and roles of acei hkm
II. Nature and Roles of ACEI-HKM

ACEI has chapters in over forty countries including Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, mainland China, Russia, Canada, Hungary, etc., each working toward similar goals to improve the education of our future.

  • Mission of ACEI-HKM:
  • Provide the impetus & platform for change
  • to promote and support the Hong Kong and Macau community in the optimal education and development of children, from birth through early adolescence, and to influence the professional growth of educators and the efforts of others who are committed to the needs of children in a rapidly changing society.
aims of acei hkm
Aims of ACEI-HKM
  • To ensure children can enjoy their inherit right to receive education and welfares in families, infant education associations, schools and society
  • To provide suitable syllabus, facilities and learning environment for infants, children and teenagers
  • To foster mutual support between individuals and organizations concerning children education and development
  • To enhance the service quality of organizations concerning children nursing and development
  • To arouse the public awareness of children rights and their needs for caring, and to take approaches to accomplish the above goal
  • To encourage research and publication about children edn & development
  • To promote exchange and collaboration across regions, cultures, and international boundaries
acei hkm executive board members 13
ACEI-HKM Executive Board Members(13)


Vice-Presidents (2)



Public Relations

Research & Publication

Middle School Coordinator

Primary School Coordinator

Early Childhood Coordinators(2)

Special Education Coordinators (2)

(Board of Trustees (3) + Macau Coordinators (2))


ACEI-HKM Executive Board




Hong Kong







3 Board of


2 Macau


roles of executive members
Roles of Executive Members
  • President & Vice-presidents (Hong Kong & Macau) & executive members serve atwo-year terms (2005-2007) & elected or re-elected through public nomination at annual general meetings (AGM).
  • help formulate and develop strategic plans and goals for the branch for each year and beyond
  • facilitate input and efforts from members, committees, working groups, Board of Trustees, educators, communities leaders, academic experts, invited personnel, etc.
responsibilities division of labor
Responsibilities & Division of Labor

(i) promote the aims and missions of the branch

(ii) recruit new members and facilitate


(iii) organize various branch activities including seminars, workshops, visits etc.

(iv) participate in research and publication

(v) enhance networking and regional cooperation.

acei hkm small is beautiful young is attractive
ACEI-HKM: Small is Beautiful Young is Attractive !
  • ACEI-HKM is a young & small association
  • The association is composed of about 100 active members (Annual Membership fee: $ US 7).
  • Majority being teachers, university professors, college students, school administrators, government officers, etc. (Macau members constitute about 20 percent of the population with the similar composition).
  • Since the return of Hong Kong and Macau to mainland China, much effort has been devoted to promote and support educational exchange and collaboration in the neighboring region.
education reform after handover
Education Reform after Handover
  • Both governments encourage educational exchange and provide support and funding for programs pertaining to innovations in school curriculum, teaching and learning, civic & language education, school partnership, extracurricular activities, school-based management, school evaluation, exchange and professional development of teachers.
significant efforts over these years
Significant Efforts Over These Years

(i) promote the aims and missions of the association,

(ii) recruit new members and facilitate fund-raising,

(iii) organize branch activities including seminars,

workshops, conferences, visits etc.,

(iv) participate in research and publication

(v) enhance networking and regional cooperation.

As a result, the association has been able to make some significant development and complete a variety of activities and challenging tasks in Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China, such as fund raising, website construction, rebuilding rural schools in China, contracting education research projects with the Macau government, organizing education workshops, seminars and conferences, book publication, and conducting cross-national research on teachers social status, etc.

some significant areas of development
Some Significant Areas of Development

1) Fund-raising

2)Seminars & workshops, symposiums

3) Research and publication

4) Networking and regional cooperation

1 fund raising donation
1. Fund-raising & Donation
  • 1999 -- June, Received Donation from Director, Kingston International School
  • 1999 – ACEI-HKM makes donation to earthquake organization in Taiwan
  • 2002 -- ACEI-HKM is awarded a publication grant from Sik Sik Yuen, Taoist religious body
  • 2006 – Receive donation for book publication, businessmen
2 seminars workshops conferences
2 . Seminars, Workshops, Conferences

On the average, ACEI-HKM offers

about 3 free seminars and workshops annually to the public.


  • 2005 – May, International Baccalaureate Program (IBP)
  • Co-organize 2 day seminar with IBP representatives and Kingston International School. Over a hundred participants and representatives from various schools (particularly international schools) and educational organizations attend & share their views about the future of IBP for HK.

Seminars, Workshops, Conferences

  • 2004 -- 30 October ACEI-HKM hosts its first regional conference at HKTC

Theme: Adaptation & Development in Education in the Pearl River Delta

  • 2005 –16 April, Professional Development Workshop, San Jose College, Macau Theme: General education, professional development, & teacher empowerment
  • 2005 – May 2006 -- 24 June, ACEI-HKM hosts its second regional conference at HKTC

Theme: Quality School Education & Professional Development of Teachers in the Pearl River Delta Region

3 research projects
3. Research Projects
  • 2000 – Curriculum Evaluation Project (Stage I and II) for DSEJ competed in four subject areas: Civic / Moral Education Social Studies, Visual Art & Craft, & Mathematics.
  • 2001 – Consultancy services on Hope Project for Rebuilding Rural Schools in China. ACEI-HKM visits rural schools, coordinates with government agencies, and sends stationery and gifts to children and teachers to rural schools. Over the next few years ACEI-HKM continues to sponsor teachers from the rural areas to attend conferences, submit articles, and participate in exchange programs in Hong Kong & Macau.
  • 2003 -- School-based Management (SBM) & Exchange Project completed and production of first CD-ROM
  • 2004 -- Pearl River Delta Exchange Project, Awarded HKTC Grant This project focuses on the development of childhood education & exchange and visits to the Pearl River Delta Region in China
  • 2005 -- Perception and Values of Leisure Education among Youth in Macao.

A large-scale survey project for DSEJ, Macau Government.

3 publication
3. Publication
  • Book Publication (6)
  • Cheng, Doris & Yuen, Freda (eds.) (2002). Comprehensive Curriculum for Childhood Education. A Re-visit A collection of articles translated into Chinese from ACEI journal articles
  • Koo, R., Wu, S. W., & Li S. P. (eds.) (2003). Education Development & Curriculum Innovations: Perspectives & Experience from Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macao. Hong Kong: ACEI-HKM.
  • Koo, R. Kam, C. K., & Yung, M. S. (eds.) (2004). Education & Curriculum Reform Adaptation & Development in the Pearl River Delta Region. ACEI-HKM. 268 pp.
  • Hui, M., Dawson, C. R., & Moont, M. G. (eds.) (2004). Inclusive Education in the New Millennium. Hong Kong: ACEI-HKM & Education Convergence. Sponsored by ACEI-HKM and Education Convergence under the District Teacher Network Scheme of HKTC.
  • Koo, R. Kam, C. K., & Wu, S. W. (eds. ) (2006). Quality School Education & Professes ional Development of Teacher Development in Zhujuang Region (PRD). ACEI-HKM.
  • Lo, Y C & Yung, M S (eds.) (2007). Curriculum Assessment: Challenges & reform in the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong: ACEI-HKM.
  • Others: Newsletters, CD Rom, reports, etc.
4 networking and regional cooperation
4. . Networking and Regional Cooperation
  • 2000 –Invite Prof. Glen Dixon, former ACEI President visits ACEI-HKM.
  • 2002 – 25 Sept., Prof. Kenneth Baron & students of Institute for Shipboard Education, Semester-at-Sea arrives in Hong Kong & joins ACEIHKM for school tour
  • 2002-- ACEI-HKM members attended International Conference on Professional Growth of Teachers in 21st Century, 18-19 May, DSEJ & University of Macau
  • 2002 – Prof. Susan Miller, ACEI Board Member, visits ACEI-HKM
  • 2005 -- Prof. Vidya Thirmurthy, ACEI Professional Member visits ACEI-HKM.

School visit to Shatin Baptist LMC Primary School and the kindergarten school at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd)

  • School Visits
  • ACEI-HKM website:
future outlook possibilities regional exchange international collaboration
Future Outlook & Possibilities Regional Exchange & International Collaboration
  • Optimistic and promising future
  • Some possible areas (8) include:
  • Links – establish partnership and strengthen the links with regional ACEI branches and other international organizations
  • Website – facilitate web links for other branches and collaborate in developing new web materials for exchange of ideas for teachers and students
  • Outreach / Visits – promote educational visits and the reciprocal to regional branches such as ACEI-Philippines, KACEI (Korea), ACEI-Taiwan, etc.
  • Seminars / Workshops– invite and welcome members and scholars from other branches or countries to give presentations
outlook possibilities cont d
Outlook & Possibilities (cont’d)
  • Conference -- joint venture or co-organize conference with regional branches on rotation basis.
  • Research Projects – provide opportunities to branch members and scholars for collaboration in small-scale / cross-national research, as in comparative studies, questionnaires survey and data collection from different geographic regions.
  • Publications – facilitate joint publications with other branches and ACEI-Headquarters in newsletters, books, journal articles, VCDs, reports, etc.
  • Regional Journal of ACEI branches –

publication of academic papers for ACEI branches using electronic or paper format.

regional collaboration
Regional Collaboration



ACEI Annual Conference



School Visits

Journal of

ACEI Branches

Electronic / paper

Building Partnership & Collaboration

Seminars Workshops


eg. fund-







Or Trans-regional



books, reports, research output

  • ACEI branches should provide impetus and platform for change and dialogue.
  • help build bridges connecting educational practitioners and scholars from different regions of the world to work together.
  • Suggestions and proposals are welcomed and valued.
  • Continuous dialogue and interactions between branches are absolutely essential and necessary for future development.
proposals are welcomed valued
Proposals are Welcomed & Valued

Together We Can Make a Better World !

Thank you !

Maraming Salamat !