career opportunities in horticulture l.
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Career Opportunities in Horticulture PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Opportunities in Horticulture

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Career Opportunities in Horticulture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Opportunities in Horticulture. November 29 & 30. Why is it good to know this?. 2 reasons: Good to know that horticulture is so much more than basic farming Always good to know what jobs are available in a particular field if you are considering changing your major or adding a minor.

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Career Opportunities in Horticulture

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why is it good to know this
Why is it good to know this?
  • 2 reasons:
    • Good to know that horticulture is so much more than basic farming
    • Always good to know what jobs are available in a particular field if you are considering changing your major or adding a minor
production nursery
Production Nursery

  • Growing plants in containers or fields
  • Sold on wholesale market
  • Propagation by seed, cuttings, or grafting (ex: fruit trees)
  • Plants grown:
    • Trees (shade, fruit, evergreen)
    • Container plants (annuals and


  • Career examples: Propagator, Field Supervisor, Sales and Marketing
landscape contracting and architecture
Landscape Contracting and Architecture

  • Landscape Contracting
    • Constructing, establishing and maintaining landscapes that range from small residential projects to large commercial projects
  • Landscape Architecture
    • Focuses to design large, public spaces that have environmental, socio-behavioral and ecological benefit


landscape nursery
Landscape Nursery

Preparation of sites used for landscaping

Purchasing and planting shrubs, trees, vines, turfgrass

Work with landscape architect or designer

Career examples: construction supervisor and superintendent, designer, salesperson

landscape maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Caring for established landscape

Mowing, spraying, fertilization, pruning, weed control, and planting

Excellent way to begin a successful business if knowledgeable about plants

Career examples: crew supervisor, salesperson

herbaceous plant and seed producers
Herbaceous Plant and Seed Producers

Commercial growers of ornamental and vegetable crops

Develop new cultivars and propagate plants

Career opportunities: plant breeder, propagator, independent grower, salesperson and dealer

retail nursery garden center
Retail Nursery (Garden Center)


Plants and items to care for plants sold directly to consumers

Can be part of a chain store or independently owned

Career examples: buyer, landscape designer, plant technician

arboretum botanical and horticultural gardens
Arboretum, Botanical and Horticultural Gardens

Plant collections for study by the general study by everyone both in and outside of the horticultural field

Arboretum – collection of trees in a natural setting

Botanical garden – plant collection habitat

Horticultural garden – many horticultural plant varieties arranged to be aesthetically pleasing

Career examples: writer, researcher, propagator, educational director, librarian, curator, greenhouse manager


Growing floral plants and materials

Career examples: grower, production, marketing, inventory

wholesale florist
Wholesale Florist

Merchandizes cut flowers and related goods

Work closely with retail flower shops

Career examples: manager, buyer, sales

retail florist
Retail Florist

Sells cut flowers and houseplants (foliage plants, flowering plants, container gardens) and terrariums

Main markets include weddings and formal occasions

Career examples: manager/owner, designer


  • Production
    • Olericulture – production, storage, processing, and marketing vegetables
    • Pomology – fruit and nut production
    • Crops are grown, processed and shipped to both US and global markets
    • Career examples: manager, processing field technician

Cleaning, grading, packing, applying chemicals or treatments to reduce spoilage and damage in transit

Career examples: sales agency, broker, post-harvest physiologist, marketing and promotional organization


  • Sod Production
    • Production of sod on sod farms
  • Turf Establishment
    • Establishing sod, sprigs and seed for recreation, ornamental, utility or sports use
    • Career examples: construction and

planting superintendent

  • Golf Course Design and Maintenance
    • Design, manage, maintain golf courses
    • Career examples: golf course architect, superintendant, landscape technician
horticultural areas
Horticultural Areas

  • Horticultural Therapist
    • Helps individuals with heath problems and disabilities
    • Works with the physically and mentally disabled, nursing home and mental intuition patients, and those with learning disabilities
  • Consultant
    • Advises growers and industry professionals
  • Communicator in Horticulture
    • Prepares and presents educational presentations to the media and garden clubs
    • Writes magazine or newspaper articles relating to plants
more horticultural areas23
More Horticultural Areas


  • Plant Inspector
    • Participates in activities designed to prevent spread of pests and monitor populations
    • Inspect shipments coming into the country
    • Jurisdictions at the local, state, and federal levels (ex: USDA-APHIS)
careers related to academia
Careers Related to Academia
  • Agriculture Education Teacher
    • High school, technical schools, community college, arboreta, public gardens
  • Cooperative Extension Agent/Horticultural Specialist
    • Work as part of the agricultural department for a land grant university to provide information to the public and to local farmers
    • Works with 4-H, home gardeners, commercial producers, processors and distributors of horticultural crops
careers related to academia25
Careers Related to Academia

  • Professor
    • Teaches and does research at the university level different disciplines of horticulture
  • Research Scientist / Technician / Assistant
    • Works to improve horticulture crops through research and develops more economical and effective techniques for all aspects of crop production
horticultural sciences department
Horticultural Sciences Department

to find out more
To find out more….
  • General information
  • For info. about majors and minors
    • Major options:
    • Minor:
  • Horticultural Sciences Department Undergraduate Coordinator
    • Dr. Rebecca Darnell:
presentation references
Presentation References
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