career opportunities in horticulture l.
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Career Opportunities in Horticulture PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Opportunities in Horticulture

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Career Opportunities in Horticulture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Opportunities in Horticulture. November 29 & 30. Why is it good to know this?. 2 reasons: Good to know that horticulture is so much more than basic farming Always good to know what jobs are available in a particular field if you are considering changing your major or adding a minor.

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Career Opportunities in Horticulture

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    1. Career Opportunities in Horticulture November 29 & 30

    2. Why is it good to know this? • 2 reasons: • Good to know that horticulture is so much more than basic farming • Always good to know what jobs are available in a particular field if you are considering changing your major or adding a minor

    3. Career Opportunities

    4. Landscape Horticulture

    5. Production Nursery • Growing plants in containers or fields • Sold on wholesale market • Propagation by seed, cuttings, or grafting (ex: fruit trees) • Plants grown: • Trees (shade, fruit, evergreen) • Container plants (annuals and perennials) • Career examples: Propagator, Field Supervisor, Sales and Marketing

    6. Landscape Contracting and Architecture • Landscape Contracting • Constructing, establishing and maintaining landscapes that range from small residential projects to large commercial projects • Landscape Architecture • Focuses to design large, public spaces that have environmental, socio-behavioral and ecological benefit • /

    7. Landscape Nursery Preparation of sites used for landscaping Purchasing and planting shrubs, trees, vines, turfgrass Work with landscape architect or designer Career examples: construction supervisor and superintendent, designer, salesperson

    8. Landscape Maintenance Caring for established landscape Mowing, spraying, fertilization, pruning, weed control, and planting Excellent way to begin a successful business if knowledgeable about plants Career examples: crew supervisor, salesperson

    9. Herbaceous Plant and Seed Producers Commercial growers of ornamental and vegetable crops Develop new cultivars and propagate plants Career opportunities: plant breeder, propagator, independent grower, salesperson and dealer

    10. Retail Nursery (Garden Center) / Plants and items to care for plants sold directly to consumers Can be part of a chain store or independently owned Career examples: buyer, landscape designer, plant technician

    11. Arboretum, Botanical and Horticultural Gardens Plant collections for study by the general study by everyone both in and outside of the horticultural field Arboretum – collection of trees in a natural setting Botanical garden – plant collection habitat Horticultural garden – many horticultural plant varieties arranged to be aesthetically pleasing Career examples: writer, researcher, propagator, educational director, librarian, curator, greenhouse manager

    12. Floriculture

    13. Production Growing floral plants and materials Career examples: grower, production, marketing, inventory

    14. Wholesale Florist Merchandizes cut flowers and related goods Work closely with retail flower shops Career examples: manager, buyer, sales

    15. Retail Florist Sells cut flowers and houseplants (foliage plants, flowering plants, container gardens) and terrariums Main markets include weddings and formal occasions Career examples: manager/owner, designer

    16. Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Production

    17. Production • Production • Olericulture – production, storage, processing, and marketing vegetables • Pomology – fruit and nut production • Crops are grown, processed and shipped to both US and global markets • Career examples: manager, processing field technician

    18. Marketing Cleaning, grading, packing, applying chemicals or treatments to reduce spoilage and damage in transit Career examples: sales agency, broker, post-harvest physiologist, marketing and promotional organization

    19. Turfgrass(Horticulture and Agronomy)

    20. Turfgrass • Sod Production • Production of sod on sod farms • Turf Establishment • Establishing sod, sprigs and seed for recreation, ornamental, utility or sports use • Career examples: construction and planting superintendent • Golf Course Design and Maintenance • Design, manage, maintain golf courses • Career examples: golf course architect, superintendant, landscape technician

    21. More Horticultural Areas

    22. Horticultural Areas • Horticultural Therapist • Helps individuals with heath problems and disabilities • Works with the physically and mentally disabled, nursing home and mental intuition patients, and those with learning disabilities • Consultant • Advises growers and industry professionals • Communicator in Horticulture • Prepares and presents educational presentations to the media and garden clubs • Writes magazine or newspaper articles relating to plants

    23. More Horticultural Areas / • Plant Inspector • Participates in activities designed to prevent spread of pests and monitor populations • Inspect shipments coming into the country • Jurisdictions at the local, state, and federal levels (ex: USDA-APHIS)

    24. Careers Related to Academia • Agriculture Education Teacher • High school, technical schools, community college, arboreta, public gardens • Cooperative Extension Agent/Horticultural Specialist • Work as part of the agricultural department for a land grant university to provide information to the public and to local farmers • Works with 4-H, home gardeners, commercial producers, processors and distributors of horticultural crops

    25. Careers Related to Academia • Professor • Teaches and does research at the university level different disciplines of horticulture • Research Scientist / Technician / Assistant • Works to improve horticulture crops through research and develops more economical and effective techniques for all aspects of crop production

    26. Horticultural Sciences Department

    27. To find out more…. • General information • • For info. about majors and minors • Major options: • • Minor: • • Horticultural Sciences Department Undergraduate Coordinator • Dr. Rebecca Darnell:

    28. Presentation References • Schroeder,C.B.; Seagle, E.D.;Felton, L.M.; Ruter, J.M.; Kelley, W.T.; and G. Krewer. 2004. Achieving Success in Horticulture, p.16-49. In: Introduction to Horticulture. 4th ed. Pearson Education by Prentice Hall Interstate Publishing Company, Upper Saddle River, NJ.