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bone dry waterproofing l.
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Bone Dry Waterproofing

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Bone Dry Waterproofing
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Bone Dry Waterproofing

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  1. Bone Dry Waterproofing BONE DRY WATERPROOFING, INC. 2170 Cloverleaf Street East, Columbus, OH 43232 Phone (614) 501-9824 Fax (614) 501-9826 Not only is it Tuff-n-Dry…. …It’s Bone Dry!

  2. Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc. Building A Solid Foundation… With names you can trust! Whether it’s old or new… Here’s what we do…

  3. A New Basement Isn’t Always a Dry Basement… • A recent survey* of 33,000 new home owners revealed that 44% had leaky, wet basements • Most common problem home inspectors find in homes less than 12 years old is basement leaks** 44% of 33,000 NEW HOMES HAD WET BASEMENTS *

  4. Water Infiltration: Know the Enemy Seepage Drainage / Leaks Condensation Leakage Moisture enters a basement in three main ways

  5. The relationship between Moisture and Mold? • Mold relies on four elements in order to grow: moisture, a food source, oxygen, and a dark environment. • Mold prevention relies on removing one or more of the above elements. • Special attention should be given to potentially moisture-collecting areas that also have materials that are good “mold food”, such as wood, and wood products, paper, paper-covered gypsum board, cardboard, particle board, OSB, and fiberboard. • Molds flourish especially well in hidden spaces. (Within exterior walls) • Reduce the presence of moisture, reduce the potential for mold! Above was taken from an article by Brian Ruffe and Sharon Stecker, “Toxic Mold: A Common Sense Approach to an Uncommon Problem”. Walls and Ceilings July 2002.

  6. Moisture issues are growing with every failure. Contractors are being held accountable.. Moisture is an issue!

  7. Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc New Home Construction TUFF-N-DRI – Waterproofing & Insulation with a 30 Year Warranty Picture Picture

  8. Energy Heat Loss 22% of your homes overall heat loss occurs at the top 2’ of your foundation Horizon above grade panels will reduce the heat loss, save an average Central Ohio home $300. per year and increase the waterproofing warranty of your home. * For existing 20 year Tuff-n-Dry warranty’s (customers) only ** Warranty Re-registration required

  9. Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc New Home Construction Horizon – Above Grade Finishing & Insulation System Before After Bone Dry Logo

  10. Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc New Home Construction Zinnzer – Interior Water Sealing System – Lifetime Warranty & 5 Year Mold Protection problem Solution

  11. Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc New Home Construction Dry Snap – Under deck Rain Carrying System - Maximizes outdoor living space From This… …To This Picture Picture

  12. 87% of homeowners rank energy efficiency as their most important upgrade. They will invest in improvements. A Smart Investment • 27% are willing to spend an extra $5,0001. • 28% are willing to spend an extra $2,5001. 1Based on a 2000 survey by Cahners Residential Group and

  13. Bone Dry Logo Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc Remodeling – Adding Value to your largest investment! The Solution The Product: interior rolled applied sealing system that is highly recommended before you finish your basement. The system comes with a lifetime warranty from leaks and a 5 year warranty protecting against mold. Give your Foundation a Face Lift! – Horizon Foundation finishing systems is an above grade, insulated finishing system that not only insulates and waterproofs a key portion of your foundation it also improves the aesthetics and resale value of your home. Dry Snap is an under deck rain carrying system that prevents water seepage from the second story deck providing dry living space inexpensively.

  14. Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc It’s not only TUFF-N-Dri…It’s Bone Dry! Surrounding your Home with the best water management names in the Industry!! Call us Today at 614-501-9824 or visit our website at