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Essentials of Automatic Door System PowerPoint Presentation
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Essentials of Automatic Door System

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Essentials of Automatic Door System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Essentials of Automatic Door System
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  1. EssentialsofAutomaticDoorSystem The traffic has been of huge concerns at malls and areas like and therefore the owners and architects have gotten together to come up with a simpler idea to get over this conundrum. Over the years , people often have a doorman who opened and closed the door for the people walking through them but bigger buildings had regular visitors and the task became hard for the doorman. This prompted the invention of an automatic door system which opened and closed based on the movement and a fewsensors. These Automatic doorsare absolutely harmless and safe, plus they are equipped with the necessary measures in case of failure. Powerturn – the automatic swing door drivehas the ability to open large, heavy doors reliably and safely. At the same time, its low overall height fits in perfectly with every design. Its unique ‘Smart Swing’ function also facilitates effortless manual passing by the door. Automatic DoorSystem The automatic door system is a perfect fit to the entrance of any building, it adds a special little genius tweak to the building’s entrance. Automatic swing doors are characterized by a simple assembly process and they can also beretrofitted. Automatic sliding door systems from GEZE are modern, space-saving andelegant. Automatic revolving doors are used in the entrance areas for large and representative buildings. They combine architectural beauty with the greatest offunctionality. Actuation devices are used to control and safeguard the automatic doorsystems. For more information, do check our website or contactus!