affordable purchase management system for business n.
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Affordable Purchase Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Affordable Purchase Management System

Affordable Purchase Management System

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Affordable Purchase Management System

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  1. Affordable Purchase Management System for Business

  2. O2b Technologies provides Purchase Management System Open source & It is integrated Purchase Management ERP Solution that saves money and time. It automates sales order process which saves time and money and this results in better decision making. Our Purchase management software integrates with multiple warehouses, serial/lot number tracking and barcode printing and scanning.

  3. This software includes following features: • Barcode driven shipping • Product catalog • Intelligent order routing • Quality assurance • Automated rate comparison

  4. Streamline Business Workflow with Our SCM system O2b Technologies supply chain management system manage entire supply chain process from the origin point to end point, i.e., from raw material procurement and handling to delivery of finished goods/services. Our SCM software includes managing purchases, transportation, inventory and every other aspect of moving one item from one place to another. Managing entire supply chain process manually would take an enormous amount of time to complete. Our SCM software automates all your supply chain process and reduces the supply chain risk. As we know supply chain management includes managing key business processes which are integrated with each other, automation of all these processes makes SCM flawless and simple.

  5. Our SCM software streamlines business workflow which reduce costs, enhance quality and increase speed of operation. It directly affect the productivity and profitability of any business organization. Our software is fully connected and integrated which makes your supply chain process smooth and easy. With our supply chain management software manage your supply-chain transactions and activities, supplier relationships, flow of data, warehousing, transportation and inventory.

  6. Address: 1302, 24th Street W,#269 Billings, MT 59102, United States Email Id: Website: More Info :