tips for choosing led display advertising in dubai n.
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Tips To Choose LED Advertising Displays In Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips To Choose LED Advertising Displays In Dubai

Tips To Choose LED Advertising Displays In Dubai

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Tips To Choose LED Advertising Displays In Dubai

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  1. Tips For Choosing LED Display Advertising In Dubai

  2. Ask Yourself These Questions • The purpose of installing your LED display screen. • What kind of message you want to convey, entertainment or information. • For indoor or outdoor purpose. • Focused on fixed images or text. • This will help you to narrow down your options until you have reached the perfect one for your specific needs.

  3. Consider These Factors • Environmental FactorsSince it will be sunny everyday in Dubai, matte displays are preferred for outdoor advertising rather than the shiny one, since they’re less inclined to splendid and glaring light. Panel brightness is a huge deciding factor in choosing the LED screens to display your ads. 

  4. Size Matter’sThe larger the environment or space in which your advertising screen shall be place  the more captivating and enthusiastic the impacts will be. Along with this, the viewing distance should also be taken into consideration. Depending on what your LCD display advertising will be used for and what your content will be will influence screen size and distances further.

  5. Check For Compatibility With The Software And The PlayerThe product that you are using, such as your advanced media player, either as a built-in in the screen, or as a stick for a plug n’ play version and your digital led display advertisingscreen .It’s important that the above devices should be compatible with each other.It doesn’t depend on the brand, but on the hardware. 

  6. ResolutionYou should know that not every HD monitor fulfils the needs for the new HD versions. An LED screen can be promoted as a new version for HD. It doesn’t mean that the LED display gives all components up to the publicized HD version. Most digital signage players will default to the original resolution automatically.

  7. Conclusion • LED digital screen advertising has many benefits. It’s one of the best way to give maximum exposure to your brand/business. • For more details on outdoor advertising, visit:

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