need of car insurance in dubai n.
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Need Of Car Insurance In Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Need Of Car Insurance In Dubai

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Need Of Car Insurance In Dubai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here is why car insurance is necessary in Dubai and some useful tips to choose the right car insurance for you.

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Need Of Car Insurance In Dubai

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why car insurance
Why Car Insurance
  • In UAE, car insurance is mandatory.
  • If you have a car and you can register it only if you have a car insurance.
  • There are many car insurance policies available with many insurance companies.
  • It all lies in choosing the right car insurance for you.
  • There are comprehensive insurance, which is formulated to help people in saving their hard earned investments.
third party liability
Third Party Liability
  • Third party liability is one of the most common insurance coverage ideal for the vehicle owners in UAE.
  • This insurance policy provides support to covering the cost of damages as well as injuries caused by a third party. 
  • In this policy, the policy holder must pay for all damage to their own vehicle if they cause an accident. 
some facts
Some Facts
  • The cheapest car insurance in UAE usually comes with the highest deductible.
  • Most of the people in UAE opt for third party insurance coverage because it is the cheapest option.
  • In Dubai, people spent time on road travelling more than staying indoor.
  • So the likelihood of an accident or unforeseen circumstance occurring are higher.
  • Hence it’s a safer choice to choose comprehensive coverage.
some useful tips
Some Useful Tips
  • Vehicles can’t be forwarded for registration until and unless you have a auto insurance UAE certificate.
  • Comprehensive type insurance policy is best for getting most of the coverage
  • Third party liability is only best to give coverage for third party damages
  • Think twice while choosing the best car insurance companies in Dubai for your car.