how can a solicitor offer a no win no fee offer l.
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How Can A Solicitor Offer a No Win No Fee Offer PowerPoint Presentation
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How Can A Solicitor Offer a No Win No Fee Offer

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How Can A Solicitor Offer a No Win No Fee Offer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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how can a solicitor offer a no win no fee offer

Have the fees a solicitor charges stopped you from seeking compensation you deserve? You have probably seen the advertisements for “No Win No Fee” offers on television, in magazines, and heard them on the radio. You probably are asking the same question which pops into most of our minds. How can a knowledgeable, high quality solicitor afford to take on cases with the risk of not getting paid? Another question which should jump into your mind is “How much will I pay if I win?”

Let’s start off by examining the first question. Why is the solicitor willing to take on cases with the No Win No Fee guarantee? The answer is really very simple. The solicitor is going to review your case thoroughly before accepting it. He will only accept your case if he feels there is greater than a 50% chance of winning. Part of his business is learning how to evaluate cases quickly and efficiently and then taking minor risks.

The solicitor offering the no win no fee offer is making his living based upon simple percentages. He knows if he wins more cases than he loses he will make profits. By offering the guarantee he is able to meet more clients, identify promising cases, and stay busy. He is not offering this guarantee out of generosity, but as a well thought out part of his business plan.

How Can A Solicitor Offer a No Win No Fee Offer?

how much will you pay if you win
How Much Will You Pay if You Win?

This question may be even more important to you. Since the solicitor is taking the majority of the risk with his offer, how much would you expect to pay if he wins your case? Surprisingly, many times the answer is you do not pay anything. The majority of cases allow the solicitor to charge the opposition for his legal fees when the case is won. There are a few exceptions to this rule which includes criminal justice and medical negligence cases. The solicitor will make sure you clearly understand your financial responsibilities before you get started.

The ability of the solicitor to charge the opposition leads to the second promise you commonly see in advertisements, “Receive 100% of Your Compensation”. Keep in mind this is not true on every type of case but you will not know definitely until you speak to a solicitor. They will advise you on your type of case. If your case does not match their criteria they will either reject the case or carefully explain the costs you will face in order to continue. Make sure to get all agreements in writing and you fully understand the agreement.


Are No Win No Fee Solicitors as Highly Qualified?

There is a misconception held about many solicitors who offer a No Win No Fee offer. Some people have come to the conclusion only a lower quality solicitor would make this type of offer. If you stop and think about the facts, the opposite may be true. A solicitor who is willing to offer a guarantee is confident in his ability to win. He is confident in his skills, his understanding of the law, and his ability to ascertain the facts about your case. The No Win No Fee guarantee might be the best indicator a solicitor believes in himself and is the right person for you to visit with.