israel building world s tallest solar tower n.
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Israel building world’s tallest solar tower PowerPoint Presentation
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Israel building world’s tallest solar tower

Israel building world’s tallest solar tower

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Israel building world’s tallest solar tower

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  1. Israel building world’s tallest solar tower

  2. In this modern era where resources are limited and pollution is increasing with each passing day, the demand for renewable sources of energy is on the rise.

  3. With the aim to introduce sustainability, increase power supply and cut costs ,Israel is building the world’s tallest solar tower at Negev desert.

  4. Israel, which is a nation of eight million people, is all set to make renewable energy account for 10% percent of its whole consumption by 2020.

  5. Solar powerprovides a clean and green substitute to fuel- and carbon-fired electricity plants.

  6. The government of Israel has agreed to move ahead with this technology although it is more costly than conventional electricity production accurately to achieve lower costs over time.

  7. With the installation of the solar tower, Israel will meet all its electricity needs by using only 4%t of the Negev desert which will ultimately help to reduce cost in the long run.

  8. Solar power has for years formed a part of life in Israel, where rooftop panels are regularly used to heat the water tanks of homes.

  9. A solar tower and its field of mirrors, a technology known as concentrated solar thermal, is only lucrative as part of a large-scale project, unlike a photovoltaic field, where every panel acts as a small generator.

  10. Key highlights of Ashalim tower • The Ashalim tower, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017 will stand 787 feet tall, surpassing London’s Gherkin and Paris’sMontparnasse Tower.

  11. The tower will be covered entirely in stainless steel and a field of mirrors covering 740 acres will stretch out from its base, directing sunlight toward the tower’s peak to an area known as the boiler that resembles an enormous light bulb.

  12. Solar requires good amount of investment, although costs are steadily coming down. The construction, costing an estimated 570 million will be financed by US firm General Electric. In addition, Israeli private investment fund Noy and France’s Alstom will also be part of the funding.

  13. The temperature of the boiler can rise up to 600 degree Celsius, thus generating steam that is channeled towards the base of the tower, where electricity gets produced.

  14. The tower will be providing 121 megawatts which is sufficient for a city of 110,000 family units. Energy from a solar tower is two to three times more costly to produce as compared to typical electricity plants using carbon or fuel.

  15. Israel building world’s tallest solar tower The tower will be equipped with 55,000 projecting mirrors, amounting to a total reflective surface of a million square metres.

  16. Like sunflowers, the mirrors will turn toward the path of the sun. Engineers have developed reservoirs for the task of storing heat when the sun is not out.

  17. The size of the mirrors will be increased by three times as compared to the earlier generation.

  18. Everything is supposed to be connected by Wi-Fi rather than cables.

  19. The tower and its boiler are also designed to decrease costs.

  20. Each and everything about the world’s highest solar tower reflects sustainability and profitability for a long period of tine. Visit: