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This is all the facts and information you need to know about this flu.

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A h1n1 2009 l.jpg

A/H1N1 - 2009

Presented by Nils Erik Volden

A h1n1 swine flu l.jpg

A/H1N1 –Swine flu

Presented by Nils Erik Volden


Lives in Mexico City

A h1n1 pig flu l.jpg
A/H1N1 – pig flu

The World is in front of a huge Threat


  • For Now Most PeoplebecomeCured


The history a h1n1 l.jpg
The History a/h1n1

  • Officialbeginning April 2009

  • At first belivedthiswas a Ordinary Flu

  • 24. april 2009 the Day a New Virus wasIdentified

  • The New Virus was of the type A Influensa type of the subgroup H1N1

  • It got the OfficialName - Pigflu


First found in the usa but mexico notified the world l.jpg
first found in the usabut Mexico notified the world


The new problem l.jpg
The newproblem

  • A/H1N1 is not a stable virus

    • It mutate faster than normal viruses

    • It exist in different forms allready


The c onstruction of the virus a h1n1 l.jpg
The Construction of the Virus A/H1N1

  • Four Components:

    • One from Human

    • One from Bird

    • Two from Pig


Normal influensa l.jpg
Normal Influensa

  • ca 15% becomesickeveryyear

  • ca 500.000 persons dies everyyear (somesays more)

  • Normally dies sick and elderly over 65 years

  • A/H1N1 influensa is unknown

    • What is waiting for us?

      • It is possible it is not that bad

    • Healthyyoungpeople dies

    • NO PERSON older than 60 years have got it


Main symptoms a h1n1 l.jpg
Main Symptoms A/H1N1

  • Main symptoms:1. Fever more than 39 degrees2. Cough3. Runny nose or sorethroat4. Pain in articulations5. Unstable digestion (vomit og diaré)6. Tap av appetitt

  • Time horision

    • Inkubation: 1-3(5)days; from contamination to eruption)

    • Duration: aboutoneweek.


Who think this virus is a problem becouse l.jpg
Who thinkthis virus is a problem becouse:

  • It is new and unknown.

  • It is contagiousbetween humans

  • This virus can kill healthypeople

  • It is active and very contagious


Who and pandemi rating l.jpg
WHO and Pandemi Rating

  • A/H1N1 is rated 5 on a scale of 6

  • The number 5 indicates:

    • Spreadsrapidly

  • This is the first time ever WHO rates anything as high as 5

  • This indicatesContagiousness and not Deadlyness

  • Number6 do not mean:

    • The end of the world

  • WHO is speakingabout rising the level to 6. (19.05.09)


Death in perspective l.jpg
Death in Perspective

  • Not many is dead (ca 150 deaths)

    • Somesourcesspeakabout dark numbers

  • Malaria kills 3000 persons a day

  • Every 30 seconds dies a woman in Labor

  • Lightening kills1170 persons a year

  • Smoking killsin USA 500.000 persons a year

  • Resistent Bacteriaskills in USA 90.000 persons a year

  • Iatrogenisk (treatmentcoused) diseasekillsinUSA783.936 (2001) persons a year

  • Influensa is in USA the 6. killer

    • 32 deaths pr 100.000 persons

    • 270 persons dies everyday

    • Ca 10 persons pr hour dies in USA alone of FLU!


The difference h1n1 og h5n1 l.jpg
The Difference H1N1 og H5N1

  • H1N1 is a type A influensa.

    • Staysnormally in the nose and throat

      • GivesRhinitis

    • Contagiousthroughcough av sputum

    • Easy to transmitt to others due to location

  • H5N1 (Bird flu)

    • Staysnormally in the Lungs

      • GivesPlunomia and problems with the immunesystem

    • Difficult to transmitt due to deep location

  • As longthistwo do not meetweare safe

    • A/H1N1 is normally not thatdangerous

  • El Grafico (Mexico) Writes:

    • It is minimum twoviruses in circulation

      • One is the normal Flu – transmittseasily

      • The OtheroneKills – do not transmitteasily


Advices about health l.jpg
Advicesabout Health

  • Do not MeetOthers

    • The Body fluids gives the Disease

  • Don not Toutch Body fluids

    • Washyour hands

    • Do not Shake hands

    • Do not stand to close

  • AvoidHysteria

    • This will pass

    • Be careful and everything is okeay


Food advices l.jpg
Food Advices

  • Less Sugar

  • Less Rafinedfood

  • Garlic and Onion

  • More Food withOmega 3

  • Multivitamins og minerals

  • Supplements

    • Vitamin D (50.000 iu)

    • Omega 3

    • Tea of Star Anis (main ingrediens in Tamiflu)

      • Drink this Tea four times a day


General advices l.jpg
General Advices

  • Rest a lot

  • Avoid stress

  • Exersise

  • Better Hygien

    • Washyour hands (”All the time”)

    • Do not coughonothers

  • Do not wisit Hospitals if not needed

    • It is a lot of Viruses and Bacteriasthere

  • CarefulwithVaccines

    • Theycandamage more than the Flu


General information and conspiration theories l.jpg

General information andConspirationtheories

This to understand the context of A/H1N1.

When Egypt kill ALL their Pigs due to a Flu Virus in Mexico then it is time to worryaboutthisbecoming a HYSTERIA…

Media l.jpg

  • Big headlines

    • Do not beliveeverythingthat is written

    • Amount of wordswrittenno not equaldanger

    • Nothingwritten do not equalnodanger

  • This is the life of the Media

    • Catshyourattentionlongenough to sell a newspaper or to sell a add

  • Of coures:

    • Worst case scennarios is frightening

      • Theytend to not happen, luckily.

    • Best case scennarios do not sell

      • Media will not speakaboutthem

  • George Orwell wrote:

    • “People will belive what media want them to belive”


Vaccines l.jpg

  • There is noVaccine for A/H1N1

  • The Normal Flu Vaccinewill not help!

  • It willcome a A/H1N1 Vaccine in October

  • History

    • The USA Pigfluin 1979

      • Killedonly 1 person

      • The Vaccinekilled 25 persons

      • The Vaccinemade 500 persons invalid

    • Historically the vaccines have bad references!

      • Vaccines is therefore not recomended

  • The World is orderingVaccinesagainst A/H1N1

    • England have ordered 90.000.000 dosages

    • Norway4.700.000 dosages

      • In addition to 200.000 dosageswith normal fly vaccines


Other epidemias l.jpg

  • 2003

    • Bird Flu or SARS

      • 257 died

  • 1977

    • The Russian Flu (A virus created in a lab).

      • Unknownamount of died

  • 1976

    • Pig Flu in USA

      • 1 died

      • Vaccinationkills 25 and hurts 500 persons for life

  • 1918

    • Spanichdisease (Type: H1N1 – same strain as today)

    • 50-100.000.000 died in 18 months

    • The virus did not kill so many

    • Astreptococinfeksjon did most of the killing


Tamiflu the antiviral medicine l.jpg
Tamiflu – The Antiviralmedicine

  • Tamiflu(oseltamivir) used in Treatingthis Flu

  • BenefitwithTamiflu is that the Flu Symptomesgoesaway 1-2 days faster.

  • Problems withTamiflu

    • IncreasingresistanceagainstOseltamivir (H1N1, H274Y and partlyalso H5N1)

    • Registered 1800 sideeffects

      • Some of a very serious nature

    • The norlam symptoms from Tamiflu is the very same as from the Pig Flu

      • What is then the point of thistreatment?

    • Increased Risk of secondarybacterialinfections

      • Exactlywhatnormallykills the patient


The cycle of three years l.jpg
The Cycle of threeyears

  • Interesting:

    • Tamiflu lasts onlythreeyears

  • 2003

    • The SARS EpidemymadeeveryCountrygetTamiflu

  • 2005

    • Roche (Tamifluproducent) Bought 90% of all Star Anis (Main ingrediencewithinTamiflu) in China.

  • 2006

    • The Suspection of a New Epidemymade all CountriesbayTamifluagain

    • Let usput 2006 as a baseline 100 unitsTamiflu sold.

  • 2007

    • The Sale decresedwith 60% to 40 units (Forbes)

  • 2008

    • The Sale decreasedwithanother 87% to 5 units (Business review)

  • 2009

    • Pig Flu, A/H1N1

    • All CountriesbaysTamifluagain and beats all previous sales

  • 2012

    • Nextepidemiy (According to the Tamiflus3 yearcycle)

    • According to the Maya calenderwill the 21. december 2012 be the end of the world

    • The yearthe Sun passes through the Eye of the Milkyway.


Created in a lab l.jpg
Created in a Lab

  • Somesaysthat A/H1N1 can not be natural

    • Reason:

      • A Mix of Bird, Pig and Human

      • When and howdidthissickonesmeet?

  • Someclamesthatthis is really a Biologicalweapon

    • Possible stolen at Fort Detric, USA.

    • This is underlinedthrough:

      • The first cases were in USA

      • The President of USA Obamawisited Mexico the weekbefore the Flu hitted hard.

      • Mexico started to preper in the hospitals before the epidemi started

  • KeijiFukudaat WHO said:

    • It is noproofthatthis virus is created in a Lab

    • WHO have investigated the clame and foundnothing

    • Anyhowifthat is the case it is reason to worry

    • WHO workswith the hypothesisthat the virus is natural

  • The onlyfact true:

    • Nobodyknows for sure aboutthis virus


Intensive f arming of pigs l.jpg
Intensive Farming of Pigs

  • It is clamedthat the virus comes from a farm

    • Many pigs in a small area

  • Mexicansk TV have shown terrible videos from farms wheretheythink the flu comes from

    • Died animals piled up

    • Heavilypolluted

    • Strong smell of decomposing pigs

  • Thosmight have led to a mutant Pig Flu

  • The problem is the Bird Flu virus in thismutation


The finance crisis and bigfarma l.jpg
The Finance Crisis and Bigfarma

  • Bad economy in the pharmaseuticalcompanies

    • A/H1N1 was a way to start earningagain

  • Two theories:

    • There is no virus, everything is a conspirasy

    • The virus in sirculation is really a innocentone

  • Media made the pandemi-hysteria

  • WHO followedtheirrulesregardingtheir pandemi ratingscale 1-6.


Resume l.jpg

  • A/H1N1 is really not thatdangerous

  • The Real Problem:

    • It is manydifferentones

      • At leastone of themkills

  • This must never happen:

    • A meetingbetween A/H1N1 and H5N1 (Bird Flu)

    • This mutationwould kill about 90% and being very contagious

    • Last week 5 got it the Bird Flu in Vietnam and 4 died(17.05.09) .

    • A/H1N1 does not exist in Vietnam, YET(19.05.09).

      • If it doeswecan be facing HELL


Media have lost interest in the virus but the virus lives on l.jpg


It is not finich l.jpg


The Virus is outthere and it might Kill YourChild…

A h1n1 pig flu29 l.jpg

A/H1N1 – Pig flu

Presented by Nils Erik Volden


Lives in Mexico City

For contacting the writer l.jpg
For contacting the writer

[email protected]

00 52 55 56 95 21



  • Nils Erik Volden

  • MPH – NTNU

  • Lives in Mexico City, Mexico