setting chairs and tables in your banquet n.
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We supply banquet furniture - Stallion Hotel Supplies PowerPoint Presentation
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We supply banquet furniture - Stallion Hotel Supplies

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We supply banquet furniture - Stallion Hotel Supplies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are the supplier of Banquet chair and tables for hotels and catering. Also we are Banquet Furniture importer. We have different varieties of Cocktail tables.

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We supply banquet furniture - Stallion Hotel Supplies

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setting chairs and tables in your banquet

Setting Chairs and Tables in Your Banquet for

Different Purposes

This is on account of a good number of respectable stackable banquet chair and

tables’ ' suppliers with impressive designs and collections are available in the country.

They manufacture a variety of items with creative planned and size furniture made for

meal lobbies. All household items are developed strongly with plywood, particleboard,

and high-affect plastic to withstand consistent use in high-activity conditions.

Since there are many reputed manufacturers to have stackable banquet tables or

chairs in India, setting these furniture legitimately is a testing assignment. Here are

sure tips to set your tables in your bar or restaurant.

Space Efficiency and Table Setting

In the event that you are adjusting 8 foot banquet table end to end, you may for the

most part put 1 seat for each 'joint' on each side. You can embrace this setting

strategy in the event that you have absence of room.

Classic Banquet Style Placement

This sort of seating game plan

accompanies a long column of

rectangle feast or stackable Banquet

Furniture importer. This set up

causes you organize some additional

seats in your corridor or room of your


Meeting Style

In the event that you have a meeting

lobby in your association or give on

lease gathering corridor to clients, it is

an absolute necessity to know furniture

seating game plan. Gathering style is viewed as the ideal set up for basic reasoning

discourse. Since in such a discourse there is a leading group of chief in one place, so

it is important to put furniture in pertinent way.

Normally, you have to 4 eight foot tables. This style isn't perfect for gatherings of in

excess of 30 individuals. On the off chance that you need to have a gathering meeting

for a gathering of more than 30, you ought to choose U molded style. For meeting

style, you need 4 30x96 tables with 1 additional seat at the "joint" of the tables.

u shaped seating plan

U Shaped Seating Plan

All together to make U formed seating design; you need a serpentine banquet

chair and tables at the corners. This graph is the correct style for upwards of 26

individuals. Contingent upon your decision, you can put the head table inside the legs

of the 'U'. Keep in mind, this seating course of action of tables has 3 seats to the

head table.

Auditorium Style

This sort of style is much

similar to theatre seating

position style. Remember; the

seats in the external zone are

calculated in a way that the

sitter faces the speaker more

so than the internal.


In this way, contingent upon your necessity and request of hours, you can put in your

request for stackable banquet chair and tables. In any case, once you have the

correct sort of furniture, it is a must to arrange them in a proper way so that you are

able to accommodate more audience in efficient place.