the benefits of using content and seo analysis tools n.
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The Benefits of Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools PowerPoint Presentation
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The Benefits of Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools

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The Benefits of Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Benefits of Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools

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  1. The Benefits of Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools +91-782-774-2414

  2. Why is a Content and SEO Analysis Tool required? It is necessary to measure different aspects of the text and analyze the content for optimum results. There are tools, which can measure several aspects of the text even when you are writing. This can be done even in real time so that receiving feedback is possible while the process of writing is going on. Content writers can use these tools and avail great assistance for developing better SEO content. The features of Content and SEO analysis tool are discussed below so that a good content developer may be benefited from it. +91-782-774-2414

  3. Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools for better Internet Marketing Content is very important for any website. It has to be directional, focused, SEO oriented and right in many ways. To measure whether the Content is right or not, there are certain tools, which can measure the compatibility of the content in terms of SEO. These tools not only help you in measuring, but also to perform better. Even search engines like Google make use of such tools to identify, index and analyze various sites and their content. +91-782-774-2414

  4. +91-782-774-2414

  5. The Features # Content Analysis Tab This is one of the two tabs in the Content and SEO analysis tools. It can do six readability checks, which are: • Length of the sentence • Length of the paragraph • Subheadings presence and distribution • Passive voice presence • Transition words presence • Ease of reading • If the text is readable, if it is good enough- then it will be shown with a green bullet. +91-782-774-2414

  6. # SEO Analysis Tab SEO Tab is the second tab of the tool. It contains the snippet editor, where the focus keyword and SEO checks can be entered for analysis. A Meta description can be formulated with the help of the snippet editor. This Meta Description should contain short description representing the main topic of the page. Keeping the Meta Description suitable to the search engines is very important. It should contain the probable search terms that people may use to search on the engines. Google picks such Meta descriptions and shows below the URL of your site when users search using the search terms. +91-782-774-2414

  7. +91-782-774-2414

  8. This works in this way- the SEO Analysis tab checks for the availability of the focus or primary keyword in the TITLE of the page, in the HEADING, in the URL, inside the CONTENT of the article, in the META DESCRIPTION, in the ALT TAG of all the images. The SEO Analysis also keeps checking the links and images inserted in the article. Total number of words and the usage of the focus/primary keyword in the article are also checked by the plugin. There are also other options like checking the usage of a particular focus keyword on other pages of your website. This is indeed a good step to prevent using excess of primary keywords on secondary pages of your website. When a writer starts following the tips mentioned above and utilizes those to create SEO-friendly text, then the tool signifies the same with an approving green bullet. +91-782-774-2414

  9. Content vs. SEO One significant aspect of this Content and SEO Analysis tool is that it always gives first priority to the Content part! It means, it is a writer’s best friend for writing an excellent article. This helps a content writer to develop, structure and create a highly readable and likeable text. First, the readability question has to be addressed and a complete, full fledged article has to be written before going into the SEO optimization part. So first, pick your primary focus keywords and write the article properly. +91-782-774-2414

  10. A few important steps for optimizing your website text: +91-782-774-2414

  11. 1. There are two ways of writing your article. You can start writing on the WordPress backend or write on a notepad or a MS Word doc file or any other text editor. However, you should keep in mind that while copying the text into the WordPress backend, you should not copy the layout of it. The layout has to be adapted in the backend itself. This is to save yourself from any confusion that may arise from layout problems at two different platforms. Working on the WordPress may require some practice or experience. But it is not rocket science and needs only a few days of learning. +91-782-774-2414

  12. 2. What can be a better option for a content writer if the readability is scored by this tool? This will help in real-time assessment of any content. The tool not only analyses, but also gives score based on the readability quotient. It means, if the green bullet is shown by the tool- then the content is highly readable; but if there are orange or red bullets; then you should rework on the content to improve the readability. Such content checking should be taken seriously so that the readers may be given something useful to be read. +91-782-774-2414

  13. +91-782-774-2414

  14. 3. A content writer has to know how to fix problems and how to improve the content. The improvement has to be based on the suggestions of the Content Analysis tool. You will be able to see the sentences that need improvement. You can rewrite them. Long sentences should be divided into smaller and simpler sentences, big paragraphs should be converted into short ones. This helps readers not to lose focus and complete reading the entire article. +91-782-774-2414

  15. 4. SEO Analysis should begin only after you have tested and worked on improving the readability of the content. In the SEO Analysis step, you have to enter your primary keywords in the appropriate sections of the SEO Meta box. The focus keyword should be something that you have found and chosen after proper keyword research, and also which you want to be counted while indexing your website in the search engine results. +91-782-774-2414

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  17. 5. Do not neglect the content in the Meta Description. Google generally picks up the Meta Description and puts it below the URL of the page that has been searched for. So it should clearly describe your blog, article or the write up. It should also contain the complete focus keyword. This is necessary both for improving your rankings as well as picking up your website in the Search Results. The Meta Description should be limited to the specific number of words that can be shown in the search results. If it is too long, then it would not show up completely in the search results. +91-782-774-2414

  18. There are other practical tips as well to improve your content writing or copy writing for your website or blog. We shall discuss about those SEO-friendly tips in another article, soon! Talk to an expert by call at +91-782-774-2414 or E-mail at +91-782-774-2414

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