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My Life

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My Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A story of me

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professional goals

I hope to graduate in spring of 2012 with an ELED major. Then I would like to get a job teaching a kindergarten classroom. After a few years, I would like to go back to school to get my masters, and possibly a degree in administration. I would like to be the principal of an elementary school in the later years of my career.

I also hope to receive a coaching certificate in volleyball; I would like to be the head coach of a varsity volleyball team.

where do i want to be in 10 years

I don’t really think it matters where I am in 10 years…just as long as I am with my family and the people I love, and doing the things I love. Locations are merely details in life; the big picture is what your doing and who your doing it with.

trent me brody
Trent, Me, Brody

This is Brody’s first visit to a lake ( he better get used to it because both his mom and his dad love being at the lake!) We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s cabin and took Brody on his first (very slow) boat ride.

2006 south dakota state aa volleyball tournament
2006 south dakota state AA volleyball tournament

This is one of my favorite memories in volleyball; I was a sophomore playing for the Yankton varsity team - I am the one on the far right. *We won state that year .


This is a group of my closest girlfriends…(missing a couple.) Although we are all in different towns and on different schedules now, we still remain a close knit group.