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Presentation June 15, 2012

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  1. The Patent Clearing House CONFIDENTIAL INVESTOR DECK June 15, 2012

  2. “An internet company dedicated to increasing innovation by reducing the price and barriers to acquiring intellectual property rights.” “A global network of patent attorneys and innovators.” “The ultimate enterprise software for intellectual property.” “The first ever online B2B patent clearing house.”

  3. THE PROBLEM: There is no Public Listing Service for Patents. This is an 18th Century Problem, not one we should be dealing with in 2012!

  4. THE PROBLEM: Which means Companies use tools like this to spot risk.

  5. Without Accurate Market Solutions, Companies Spend Aimlessly on Patenting to Manage Risk on a Needlessly Broad Scale: $10,000 $1,000,000 Sells Patent to Troll/NPE $12,000 $70,000 Financial Cycle of a Single Patent For Companies Big and Small

  6. Small companies and Individual Inventors need early revenue sources. Distressed companies are the major suppliers of patents to NPEs and Patent Trolls because they lack meaningful monetization opportunities. Source: Colleen V. Chien,Raceto the Bottom, Social Science Research Network, January 3, 2012 citing RPX Corporation Data Based on NPE Transactions from Jan 2010 to March 2011

  7. Companies of All Sizes Rely on Litigation to Recoup the High Cost of Patenting. This is a NEGATIVE TAX on innovation with MARGINAL GAINS

  8. This is A Broken System of Independent Financial and Informational Silos: $$$$$$$$$$$ UNTAPPED MARKET POTENTIAL

  9. THE SOLUTION: Create Financial Incentives for Patent Attorney’s to Sell!

  10. THE CONCEPT: More licensing opportunities means more revenue. Timeline of a Patent Year 2 Year 6 Year 7 Year 1 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Company founded Company folds Attempts and fails to Monetize technology through manufacturing, sales, licenses, and joint ventures. Spends % capital on IP: Development, licenses, attorney fees, application fees. Sells at auction or direct sale. Company uses patents as an additional source of revenue

  11. CLEARACCESS IP Empowers Patent Attorneys With a Tool to Create A Marketplace

  12. Well-Placed Patent Data Translates into Dollars: • 6 Income Generating Patent Facts • Primary Market Sectors. • Products/Services that relate. • Litigation Potential. • Invention Focus. • Threat Assessment. • Companies that may perceive benefits.

  13. How we can take on two markets with a single product: Transactional Marketplace “The Alibaba.comof Patents” Fully Automated Patent Docketing in the Cloud #1 $3 Million+ Market #2 “Get ‘Prime’ Accounts Like Amazon.com” $1 Billion+ Market “Patent Attorneys serve as a proxy for trustworthiness”

  14. Revenue Opportunities Modeled Off Of : • One-Click Buying • Patent Listing Services • Seller Ranking • Upgrade Account Status • Subscription for Patent Docketing • Freemium Based On Volume • Law Firm Packages • Searching Services • Advertising

  15. Patent Data Direct From the Source: • The USPTO is working with Google to release USPTO API’s to the public. We are in contact with the USPTO and are tracking Google’s progress. • In the meantime, there is a source code licensing opportunity with a start-up that has developed a “mechanical turk” method for accessing real-time PAIR data.

  16. Founder • Nicole Shanahan • A “Patent Data Geek” with 7 years of experiencing doing a combination of patent database management, design and structuring to high-level portfolio strategy and academic research. • Patent Specialist at RPX Corporation, the first defensive patent aggregator to go public in March 2010 and consultant to various top patent firms in the U.S. and China. • Law Student inspired by the (slow) rise of legal informatics, and advocate for a market solution to intellectual property issues.

  17. Engineering Team: CodeBenders, Inc. • MATT KERN, Co-Founder • 12 years of of programming experience developing in Perl, PHP, and Java as well as frontend technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. 6 years of developing internet and mobile applications in Ruby on Rails. • At PalmPre, responsible for redesigning and architecting the webOS application stack, with patents pending at Palm, Inc. (now HP) related to the design and implementation of the Mojo JavaScript application framework and the email application. • Also completed various projects for Ricoh Corporation, PVPowered, and Ariba.

  18. Engineering Team: CodeBenders, Inc. • MICHAEL TAUS, Co-Founder • Specialist in lean and agile applications. Mentor and manager of development efforts, ensuring a perfect fit between business requirements, feature definition, and usability. • 16 years of starting and managing rapid-growth technology businesses with an emphasis on Internet, Telecom, wireless and software ventures. • Co-founded and was the VP, Business Development and General Counsel of Rent.com (acquired by NASDAQ:EBAY). Former client companies include In-Sync Interactive, GreenlightJobs.com, Genutec, FlyFone International and Pacific Media Ventures.

  19. Engineering Team: CodeBenders, Inc. • RENEE DeVOURSNEY, Ruby Developer • Builds and scales cloud services as a developer in the startup world, and lead innovation in server admin technologies. An expert in agile development and an emerging technical leader in the Ruby on Rails software community.Co-founder of Seattle RailsBridge.

  20. Advisory Team EranZur: President and Co-Founder of RPX Corporation the first defensive patent license aggregator to go IPO. Prior to RPX, Eran created a licensing program for several inventors, with almost 1,000 licensees and generating over $1.3 billion in license fees. Colleen Chein: Professor at Santa Clara Law School and nationally known for her research and publications surrounding domestic and international patent law and policy issues. She has testified before the DOJ/FTC/PTO on patent issues.

  21. Advisory Team Adam Philipp: Founder of ÆON Law patent firm. Involved in the prosecution of patent applications in the computer science, electrical devices, consumer products and related fields since 1998 and with Internet and technology related law since 1995. Robert Lee: Start-up advisor and director at Stanford’s CodeX Department for Legal Informatics. JD/MBA (law and business) from UC Berkeley (where he is also minored in EECS) and his BS/BA (biochemistry and philosophy) from Yale University.

  22. Pilot Program: Firms that have agreed to participate in beta launch by listing portfolios. Steve Lundberg: Founding partner of Schwegman, Lundberg and Woessner, a national patent law firm. Created docketing tool Foundation IP, later acquired by CPA Global and spun out as a popular patent docketing system. Steve has agreed to list patents and create accounts for members of his law firm.

  23. Currently Seeking: Raising $100K in seed round to complete beta launch. Seeking partnerships with patent law firms. Seeking product sponsorship and beta pilot relationships. Seeking platform integration opportunities.

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