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Nextrend\'s Air Range furniture feature in Office Essentials

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Write with this

Designed in Germany, this Rosewood Stylus

pen brings the natural charm of wood to a

digital world. The stylus features a quality tip

for writing, drawing, tapping and gliding

over sensitive touch screens. With just a

twist, the stylus then reveals a mechanical

ballpoint pen for traditional writing on

paper. This wood stylus pen merges

form and function with a rosewood

exterior and a pen-like feel in your

hand. Measuring 119mm x 15mm,

the ink colour is black and uses a

standard D1 refill.

Carry your ipad with this

Take a look at ClamCase’s impressive but thinnest, most versatile all-in-one

backlit keyboard, case, and stand for the iPad Air Pro 9.7. Packing a built-in lithium-

ion polymer battery offering 100 hours of uninterrupted use time and a 360 smart

hinge that activates and deactivates the keyboard via Bluetooth on demand. Pairing

the features of a full QWERTY keyboard with function keys to unlock the iPad’s

potential, the ClamCase is designed to provide ultimate comfort for a natural typing

experience.  The aluminium and polycarbonate case also offers premium durability,

while being slim and lightweight to pack into a bag or brief case.


Send with this

Former CSIRO bigwig, James Chin Moody’s

parcel delivery system has got everybody talking.

And it’s friendly on the planet too. With easy

ordering and tracking, Sendle saves time, money

and unlocks the power of big business delivery

for everyone. Sendle taps into networks of

partner couriers to offer commercial-scale (that

is, cut-price), door-to-door parcel delivery rates,

even for consumers and smaller businesses. You

don’t need to interact with the actual courier

company, instead access Sendle’s services via a

web app. It offers convenient, affordable and

fully carbon offset door-to-door pickup and

delivery to thousands of towns and suburbs

across Australia for low flat-rates.



Call me with this

Any newly announced model of the Apple iPhone raises plenty of interest, and also controversy.

But for lovers of all things ‘Mac’, the iPhone 7 will perform and impress. Although the analogue

headphone socket has disappeared, each new iPhone 7 ships with its own type of

earphones, with the new ‘Lightning’ plug on the end. And you can get adapters

if your own earphones are too precious to part with. Of course, the preference

would be to ‘go wireless’ and listen via a Bluetooth connection. The removal

of the socket does make the phone more resistant to water. Internally, the unit

boasts an impressive line-up of improved powerful internal processors, and the

dual lens onboard camera is one of the best on the market. Notwithstanding


a phone, the photos are sparkling. The iPhone 7 comes in a glossy jet black

finish, along with a softer black, gold, silver and rose gold.




Tech expert Tim Stackpool showcases

all that is new and useful for the office



“Book Now, Pay Later”

Flight Booking App

Gagfare enables travellers to search flights

with over 500 airlines globally, and secure a confirmed,

impartial best airfare on their desired flight, instantly. With a

unique book-now-pay-later solution, Gagfare allows travellers

to pay only US$10 to secure up to 9 seats, well in advance,

on their desired flight. Travellers don’t have to pay the rest

of the fare until closer to their travel date. Choose from

preferred airlines or search alternative routes, book multiple-

stop itineraries, and check their bookings through official

airline websites. Search for flights, input passengers details as

printed on the passport, confirm the booking with the US$10

PayPal payment, and secure the best seats on the best flights

instantly. A reminder email will be automatically sent by the

system when it is time to pay the remaining fare and issue

the ticket.

Sit on this

A funky new office deserves funky new

accessories, and these are eye-catching enough

to turn heads. Nextrend’s Air Range collection is

described as contemporary, inspiring and relaxed,

suitable for break rooms or collaboration spaces.

Technically, the furniture is produced by the

latest generation of air moulding technology. It

is manufactured with a single injection mould of

polypropylene, which is reinforced with glass fibre

producing durability and strength. It is also UV

stabilised, and it will not fade or go brittle under

direct sunlight. Very 21st century. Suitable for

indoor and outdoor applications.


INFO For Apple and Android

Keep it Secret

The Wickr instant messaging app allows

users to exchange end-to-end encrypted

and content-expiring messages, including photos, videos,

and file attachments. Using military grade encoding

algorithms, messages sent via Wickr are extremely secure,

and the sender can determine how long the message will

stay intact on the recipient’s phone before it is completely

erased. Used by world leaders, executives, journalists,

human rights activists, celebrities and others, the ‘shredder’

function irreversibly removes any remnants of deleted

messages, images, and video content from your device.

Your Wickr ID remains anonymous to anyone outside your

Wickr network, while your conversations cannot be tracked,

intercepted or monitored.


with this

Hexigo is task management from inside your email that is ridiculously easy to use.

The technology detects when you’ve been asked to do something in an email and then

automatically creates a task for you. It’s very popular in many organisations because

most people drown in email all day. Hexigo plugs directly into your existing email and

detects when you’ve been asked to do something (“…I need you to do XYZ…”). Hexigo

then automatically creates a task so you can track and manage everything you need to

do. Many EAs are among the most avid users, especially those reporting to multiple

managers. Currently used by corporations such as PwC, Telstra, KPMG and Woolworths,

Hexigo bridges the gap between email communication and task management software.

INFO Free. For Apple and Android


Before Your

Battery Depletes

Last Message runs in the background of

your device and monitors your battery. You set the app to

notify someone through Twitter, Email, SMS or Facebook

to warn them you may not be in-contact once your phone

battery has been depleted. With Last Message, you can

personalise your away message anyway you’d like and even

choose at what percentage you’d like the app to send the

message. So next time your battery becomes depleted,

you can be confident your contacts will know exactly

why you are not reachable on your mobile. Last

Message combines a simple and one-time setup with full

customisation, so you can have your personal away message

sent to your chosen contacts.

Print ID

cards with this

Printing ID cards with special encoding strips and codes once needed to be

outsourced. Now last minute access cards and IDs can be turned-out in a flash with

HID Global’s Fargo DTC5500LMX ID Card Printer/Encoder. The card printer

features wasteless lamination technology which completely eliminates traditional

carrier-film waste, offering a 40 percent cost-saving on consumables, as well as

offering up to 60 percent savings in energy consumption. New iONTM technology

allows the printer/laminator to heat up and initiate lamination in just 45 seconds,

saving users up to 80 percent of the time typically needed to print the first card.

INFO Free. For Android