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SEO Services - Perk Up Your Online Occurrence PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO Services - Perk Up Your Online Occurrence

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SEO Services - Perk Up Your Online Occurrence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are passionate to engrave visibility and to amplify ranking of your site on search engine. To catch your Website ranked on 1st Page and to obtain Free Initial Report. Call Us Now! 484-485.9054

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SEO Services - Perk Up Your Online Occurrence

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Search Engine Optimization


Dr.Anuj Gupta(CEO)

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What is a Search Engine???

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What is Search Engine Optimization???

SEO Cont…4

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SEO 3 Cont…

SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality

of traffic on web sites from search engines

via search results. SEO aims to improve

rankings for relevant keyword in search


  • Why Search engines are so important?
  • Search engines are the biggest
  • resources of your websites traffic.
  • Higher traffic means more visitors.
  • More visitors means more
  • customers and higher
  • profit.

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Why Search Engine optimization???

  • 85% of all traffic on the internet is
  • referred from a search engine
  • 90% of all users don’t look
  • past the first 30 results
  • (most only view
  • top 10)

Why SEO Cont…6

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Why SEO 5 cont…

  • Cost-effective advertising.
  • Many websites aren’t even indexed, most are
  • poorly optimized and get very little traffic from
  • the search engines.
  • Clear and measurable ROI.
  • Operates under this assumption:

More (relevant) traffic + Good Conversion Rate=More Sales/Leads

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Anatomy of a Search Engine

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What WE Do?

  • Research desirable keywords and search phrases
  • Identify search phrases to target
  • “Cleans” and optimizes a website’s HTML
  • code for appropriate keyword density
  • Helps in writing copy to appeal search engines
  • and website visitors
  • Studies competitors

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SEO Process

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On Page optimization

  • On Page SEO is done on pages of the website to
  • maximize its performance in search engines
  • On Page optimization stands for methods and
  • techniques used to host a server.
  • On Page SEO effects websitelisting in natural
  • results.
  • On page factors are controlled by coding
  • on website pages.

On page cont…12

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On page 11 cont…

On Page cont…13

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On Page 12 cont…

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Off Page Optimization

  • Off Page Optimization is be done off the
  • pages of website to maximize its performance
  • in search engines
  • Off page optimization gives
  • back links to your site and it requires a lot
  • of work to be done on daily basis.
  • It helps maximize website performance in
  • search engine for target keywords.

Off Page cont…15

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Off Page 14 cont…

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What SEO is NOT

  • Search Engine Submission only.
  • “Submit your website to 5,000 search
  • engines.”
  • An overnight process
  • A one-time process.

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Basic Tips & Optimization Techniques

  • Research keywords related to your business.
  • Identify competitors, utilize benchmarking
  • techniques and identify level of competition.
  • Utilize descriptive title tags for each page
  • Ensure that your text is HTML text and not
  • image text
  • Use text links when possible
  • Use appropriate keywords in your content and
  • internal hyperlinks

Basic Tips Cont…18

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Basic Tips 17 cont…

  • Use appropriate keywords in your content and
  • internal hyperlinks
  • Obtain inbound links from related websites.
  • Monitor your search engine rankings and
  • more importantly your website traffic statistics
  • and sales/leads Produced.
  • Educate yourself about search engine
  • marketing or consult a
  • search engine optimization firm
  • or SEO expert

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Questions And Answer



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