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Steps To Set Up Netgear Router Service 1-888-989-8478 PowerPoint Presentation
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Steps To Set Up Netgear Router Service 1-888-989-8478

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Steps To Set Up Netgear Router Service 1-888-989-8478 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you have a Netgear Router and want to setup Netgear router as a repeater, but don\'t know how to do it. Don\'t worry, just make a call to the Netgear Tech Support Number 1-888-989-8478 and the team of well trained experts will guide you step by step during the setup. Our expert technicians will also help you if you are facing any other issues with the Netgear Router.

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Presentation Transcript

Steps to Set Up Netgear Router as a Repeater

Netgear is an American based global networking company. They deliver their services

to business holders and households. They have three different business segments;

commercial, retail and provider of services. They have a huge market all across the

globe. They are better recognized for their wireless products like LTE and Wi-Fi. Their

products are very much effective and less problematic.

Essential Steps to Set-Up Netgear Router as a Repeater:

Usually, repeater is used by the businesses to increase the range of their network and

enhancing signal potency and allowing devices, outer the range of the router to connect

to the network. Follow these simple steps to set up a Netgear router as a repeater.

STEP: 1

In first step, you need to connect an Ethernet cable to your Netgear router. Now,

connect the other end to a system or computer.

STEP: 2

In the next step, Open address bar in the web browser and enter “″ or, without any quote. After this, press ENTER.

STEP: 3

Now, login with your admin credentials and fill USER NAME and PASSWORD before

clicking the OK button.

STEP: 4

Choose WIRELESS SETTING option from under Setup. Write down the name of the

network, channel and mode.

STEP: 5

Select WEP from under Security Options and enter a security key in the relevant fields.

After, filling all relevant fields, click on APPLY.

STEP: 6

Now, choose WIRELESS REPEATING FUNCTION from under Advanced. Now, write

down the Media Access Control or MAC address of the system.


STEP: 7

Now disconnect the Ethernet cable from your router and connect it with the Netgear

device which is going to be used as a repeater. But, make sure that the router is not

connected to the modem.

STEP: 8

Now, follow the same instructions as mentioned in the STEP 2 and STEP 3 to the

router. Try to configure it so that it can identify the channel, mode and security settings

of the network.

STEP: 9

Choose and click on ROUTER STATUS and enter the IP address.

STEP: 10

Click on WIRELESS REPEATING FUNCTION and write down the Media Access

Control or MAC address. And after that choose ENABLE WIRELESS REPEATING

FUNCTION and WIRELESS REPEATER from the options.

STEP: 11

After, MAC address, choose the options of ENABLE WIRELESS REPEATING

FUNCTION also WIRELESS REPEATER. Enter the router’s IP address which is filled in


STEP: 12

Again enter the MAC (Media Access Control) address. Click on APPLY to make your

router as a repeater.

STEP: 13

In this step, you have to disconnect the Ethernet cable from the repeater and sign in to

the network to access the router setup.

STEP: 14

Now, go to the page of WIRELESS REPEATING FUNCTION and then choose ENABLE


STEP: 15


Again, deselect the option of the DISABLE WIRELESS CLIENT ASSOCIATION and

again enter the MAC address of the repeater into the relevant field.

STEP: 16

It is the last step in this entire configuration. Simply click on APPLY to finish all the

steps. With this all settings will be saved and your Netgear Router is ready as a


If you find any difficulty during this setup process, you can contact to 24/7

available Netgear router support for the assistance.

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