5 common apple mac problems that you may solve n.
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5 Common Apple Mac Problems That You May Solve PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Common Apple Mac Problems That You May Solve

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5 Common Apple Mac Problems That You May Solve - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 common apple mac problems that you may solve

5 Common Apple Mac Problems That You

May Solve

Having the luxurious brand for laptop is a great

pleasure. Apple speaks for its image and

technical upgrade unlike any other brand. There

are many Apple product lovers and they are even

ready to sacrifice their comfort with other OS

devices in exchange of a Mac.

However, every device faces problems. Solving

technical glitches are not that simple. It gets

even tougher for non-tech people to troubleshoot

the device. Apple customer support is working

around the clock so that no one panics in the

hours of their important work.

the following guide will help you to reach

The following guide will help you to reach to

a decision even before inspection is done by

technician :

1. Identify the problem

At times, you’ll know whether it’s your hardware

problem or software but if you’re not sure then

note the error message and recite it to the

technical guy so that he wouldn’t have to spend

time in troubleshooting.

2. Boost Mac performance

Multi tasking on your Mac may cause your memory

to fill up. Check out the Activity Monitor on

the system and see which activity is taking space

and causing the time lag and decreased

efficiency. You may end the unwanted background

tasks from the list and make it even faster. Don’t

download software that claim run your computer

faster because many a times, it’s a scam. Also,

the first step should always be to reboot your

mac if it hasn’t been turned off in a long time.

3 fix wifi connectivity

3.Fix WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity depends on your network,

router and your computer’s receiver. Turn off

your computer and switch off the router. Connect

it again to see if it started to pick the network.

If it is still not running internet then you must

contact a tech guy.

4. Fix Frozen Issues

Although it occurs once in a blue moon that

Macbook freezes but there’s always a solution.

It requires you to Force Quit the apps. You’ll

have to press command + Option + Escape to bring

Force Quit dialog box on screen.

5. Force Shut Down

When your computer is not shutting down, you can

press Command + Control + Eject to reboot your

computer. This brings back the computer in

normal working condition.

If there’s anything else that you’re not able

to fix then call on Apple contact number for

further assistance. After all, trained and

knowledgeable professionals are always the best

option to trust your computer’s life with.

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