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PHP Vs ASP.NET: A Real Time Comparison PowerPoint Presentation
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PHP Vs ASP.NET: A Real Time Comparison

PHP Vs ASP.NET: A Real Time Comparison

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PHP Vs ASP.NET: A Real Time Comparison

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  1. PHP Vs ASP.NET: A Real Time Comparative Study Source:

  2. PHP, a primary server-side scripting language, being used widely by most of the web developers in this software world. • Gradually, PHP web development services have gained remarkable option as per today. On the other hand, “ASP.NET”, the programming language that has Microsoft as its backup and can be implemented for any .NET supported language. • So, it is hardly to choose one over another as both ASP.NET and PHP are ideal languages to develop a powerful web and mobile applications. • Here is the quick review of their benefits and features that may help you choose the best platform to meet your needs and requirements.

  3. Market Share

  4. Performance and Speed

  5. Resources And Support • The immense growth of technology has been getting harder to fit in. And from those, PHP known to be a familiar language when compared to other languages. Do you know Why? • LAMP, an open source platform and has been receiving vast response form most of the PHP developers, as it was making instant progress through the contributions from its loyal community. • Whereas experiencing a slow growth in its updates, benefits and improvements as it has a limited number of developers at Microsoft. • This is the reason why we see a huge bloom in PHP web development.

  6. Scalability Factor • Specific Scalabale Factor for Comparison: Both PHP web development and are equally scalable in tits factor. Scalability relies on aspects like Programmer’s experience, programming practices and so on. • When comes to the contrary part, the most known database used along with was Microsoft SQL Server. But in the other hand, PHP and MSSQL are considered to be a better part. • Another factor to be known is that the OS and file systam. Guess what, the statistics data reveal that Linux and ext4 file system have better performance than Windows and the NTFS file system. Hence justified!

  7. Ease Of Learning • Learnibity factor differs from person to person. It depends on the expertise and potentiality of the person. • PHP known for its ease of learning and user friendly programming language when compared to ASP.Net, another programming language which is written in c#, quite harder for beginners to grasp.

  8. Freedom To Code When compared to, PHP offers the freedom to code. While using PHP one can use or code with the help of text editors such as the Emacs, Notepad++, Bluefish, jEdit, or even the Notepad that you use. As PHP is highly compatible it can be inclined to any part of the OS. But when compared with, PHP allows users to a unique platform, wheras restricts their users to a single platform called Microsoft Visual Studio. And it limits itself to the Windows platform as well.

  9. Bottom Line Hope you find the answer! We personally prefer PHP when compared to, as we have well known for one of the best best leading PHP web development company since 16 years. And as mentioned before, both PHP and are successful platforms. Some successful websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter etc, also use these languages. Just get ready to hire PHP developers inspired, interactive & user-friendly web and mobile applications. Source: