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Happy Faces At Dentzz Dental

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Happy Faces At Dentzz Dental - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The following presentation is about Dentzz dental care and the experiences people have at dentzz.

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dentzz dental
Dentzz Dental

Dentzz Dental care is based in prime areas of




It delivers the finest Cosmetic, Implant, Conventional and Preventive dentistry.

Dentzz is an ideal place if you are seeking specialized and a globally trained dentist.

Other than Dubai they have their outlets in other foreign places.

services provided at the dentzz
Services provided at the Dentzz

Dentzz provide an unparalleled experience in dental care. The services that they provide are:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Childrens dentistry
  • Instant tooth whitening
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Full mouth Reconstruction
  • Teeth in one day
dental implants
Dental Implants

Modern day’s dental implant has become possible because these materials were combined with years of research. 

 Clinical trials done on them have yielded positive results leading to this practice being seen as the most natural solution for missing teeth.

cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry (smile makeovers) is the most dramatic, safest and permanent way of improving your smile and overall face structure.

 It is the surest, easiest and quickest way to enhance your personality and self esteem

Cosmetic dentistry is much more than a smile makeover, it is a confidence makeover.

instant tooth whitening
Instant tooth whitening

Your smile is important. It’s one of the first things someone notices when they meet you.

Dentzz offer instant solutions to bring a surprise difference in your smile.

They use the most globally advanced technology for whitening.

root canal treatments
Root Canal Treatments

The root canals at Dentzz are extremely comfortable and absolutely painless

Along with technical superiority, our team is specially trained to perform the procedure in a gentle and soothing way.

Are generally completed in one session of less than 30 minutes. 

They are performed by globally trained Microendodontists. (Endodontists are dentists specially trained for root canals, Microendodontists are a cream of endodontists with super speciality training).

childrens dentistry
Childrens dentistry

Dentzz understand that managing children on the dental chair is a specialized task which involves scientifically proven techniques

Dentzz have a panel of Pedodontists (Dentists who specialize in treating children) to ensure that children receive the dental care they need.

Our practice, welcoming atmosphere and affectionate staff ensures that all youngsters actually have fun when they come to Dentzz

teeth in one day
Teeth In One Day

The new technique lets you get your falling teeth replaced with spanking teeth in just one day.

German implant technology is revolutionary and with this pioneering technique, one can now replace a single tooth 

This is a painless and comfortable procedure comes with a 10 year free replacement warranty

full mouth restoration
Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth reconstruction (rehabilitation) is needed when the oral health is neglected destroy the function, aesthetics and health of the entire mouth.

Many factors are taken into account like, your chief problem, associated problems, your expectations, desires, priorities, time constraints if any and your budget.

The process takes a week or two to complete.

customer experience at the dentz
Customer Experience at the Dentz

This is a video of a customer just got treated at Dentzz. This is review