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Tatasampann dals products

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Tatasampann dals products
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Tatasampann dals products

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  1. Tatasampann Different Types of Dal

  2. ChanaDal From delicious paranthas to soup to Bengali spiced cholardal, its high fiber and low fat content is known to lower cholesterol level. It can also be a perfect companion to your mid-summer rainy day with a plate of channadalpakoras.

  3. Green Moong Used in both savoury and sweet dishes, it’s a versatile lentil. Studies have shown that green moong can be used as ailment friendly khichdi or a yummy payasam treat making it a smart choice for the diabetic diet.

  4. Kabuli Chana This wholesome leguminous pulse can be used to make salads, chole, hummus dips, veggie burgers and much more. Claims suggest that the fiber in the channa helps lower cholesterol levels, thereby contributing to cardiovascular health.

  5. MasoorChanti The masoorchanti is! While not only being a staple for North Indian dinner tables in forms of lentil soup, lunch patty, studies have proven that it removes bile from your body. It further helps in eliminating and reducing blood cholesterol levels.

  6. Masoordal Masoordal has a class of antioxidants with antioxidant properties. Studies have proved that regular consumption of it can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  7. MoongChilka Gujratifotrawalimagnidal is the best served dish using moongchilkadal. Studies have shown that it helps protect you from skin cancer and skin pollution. A must eat for all the metro dwellers of India.

  8. Whole masoordal One of the easiest and yummiest dals that can be relished with rotis, rice and bread. It is shown that it works in breaking down harmful substances in the body and helps reduce allergy symptoms.

  9. Visit us to see more dals: http://www.tatasampann.com/dal/products