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Accounting courses in chandigarh provide by Cbitss technologies. which is one of the best accounting training institute. for more inforamtion visit at or call 09988741983

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Accounting courses in chandigarh



*Chandigarh is known as beautiful city and along with its

beauty it has become educational hub because

students from several states come for study.

*As there are so many JOB oriented courses

available in Chandigarh for example

Computer courses, accounting courses, finance

and aviation courses and so many.



Accounting courses in chandigarh

A Real Fact…

 Accounting is the future scope for students.

Accounting can be learn after graduation

also. Accounting is such a field that is used in every

Office and in every field. Without accounting we

Cannot do the business. Accounting is such a course

that is required for the small business also to manage

their records. If you are looking forward to learn

Accounting courses in Chandigarh you have come to

the right place.

“Behind Every Good Business There Is a

Great Accountant.!!”

Accounting courses in chandigarh

What is accounting??

 Accounting, which has been called the “LANGUAGE


 Accounting is the measurement,

processing and communication of

financial information about economic


“Behind Every Good Business Is a Great Accountant.!!”

Accounting courses in chandigarh

Accounting Is Sub-Divided…





Accounting courses in chandigarh

Computerized Accounting Software…

 Tally.

 CompuTAX.

 Busy.

 QuickBooks.

 Myob

Accounting courses in chandigarh

1st choice..

 Accounting is the first choice course of most of the

students because there are huge JOB scopes of

computerized accounting software like TALLY and


Accounting courses in chandigarh

Tally… QuickBooks…

 There are so many versions of Tally. latest version is

Tally EPR9. this includes VAT(value added tax) a

type of indirect tax.

 If you learn QuickBook then there are so many

JOBS in good and reputed companies.

Accounting courses in chandigarh

QuickBooks includes…

 Cloud based 128 bit band level encryption.

 Create and send customized invoices online.

 Track online: sales, expenses and

income, integrated your bank and pay

for anything and over 1.3 million

business use QuickBooks for accounting.

Accounting courses in chandigarh

CompuTAX… Busy…

*CompuTax group is a leading software

group which has started the concept of

computerized Income Tax returns in India.

*The group is engaged in development of various professional

software required by Chartered Accountants, Tax Practioners,

Corporates for Income Tax, TDS, Service Tax, VAT, etc.

*BUSY is an integrated business accounting software for Micro,

Small and Medium businesses. With over

1,50,000 installations (over 6 Lac Users)

worldwide, BUSY is one of the leading

accounting softwares in India.

Accounting courses in chandigarh


* MYOB, Mind Your Own Business, is an Australian

multinational corporation that provides tax,

accounting and other services to small and medium


Accounting courses in chandigarh

Fields Related To Accounting Career…

*Business development, software development, product development, interior design,

web development, engineering, education, finance, fashion, green card, hospital, IT,

marketing, media, non technical, pharmaceutical, real estate,

retail, human resources, telecommunication, technology,

consulting, communication, clinical research, construction,

manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit, advertising, architecture,

automotive, agency, buget, building.

*Entry level accounting, junior accounting, senior accounting,

accounting assistant, accounting associate, accounting administration, accounting clerk,

accounting coordinator, accounting consultant, accounting controller, accounting director,

accounting executive, accounting manager, accounting manager, accounting engineer,

accounting specialist, accounting supervisor, VP accounting, fund accountant, project and

cost accountant, finance accountant, trainee accountant…

Accounting courses in chandigarh

BENEFITS…WHY Accounting??

 Several fields to choose from in accounting.

 High demand for accounting graduates.

 Good paying JOBS.

 Skills learned in accounting can be helpful

on the job and in your personal life.

* There are so many accounting courses available of different

time periods. Students can choose as per there needs.

* For bright future all learners should join accounting


Accounting courses in chandigarh

* Keeping the benefits of these accounting courses in

mind this is also important to find a good place

where one can learn theses courses.

* *CBitss Technology is the place for Accounting

Courses in Chandigarh.

Accounting courses in chandigarh

CBitss Technologies provides certified training in

Chandigarh. (i.e., an ISO certification on course


 Here, at CBitss Technologies you will come across

skilled, knowledgeable and really very cooperative

staff which is available for our students 24*7.

Accounting courses in chandigarh

I will strongly recommend to all the learners to visit

CBitss Technology which provides best accounting

courses in chandigarh.

My so many friends have studied accounting courses

from CBitss Technology and now they all are

working on a high posts in good companies.

Accounting courses in chandigarh


You can reach us at:9988741983 or inquire online at:

Reach us:


SCO 23,24,25

Level 3, Sector 34 A

Near Passport Office, Above Allahabad Bank

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