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The Best Olive Oils From Greece - Top Brands List PowerPoint Presentation
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The Best Olive Oils From Greece - Top Brands List

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The Best Olive Oils From Greece - Top Brands List
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The Best Olive Oils From Greece - Top Brands List

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  1. The Best Olive Oils from Greece

  2. Koroneiki The 39-22 brand marks the coordinates of the exciting Greek foodscape. It can also be seen as an opportunity to present you the different varieties of our premium monovarietal extra virgin olive oil. One of these is Koroneiki. Taste it with all of your senses and explore the value of your choice. The map of Greek delights is full of adventure and is best enjoyed with 39-22, the Foodscape Explorers. Profile Buy Olive Oil

  3. Acaia Acaia is a new brand of high quality olive oil, made of the Kolovi olive variety, and produced in the southern part of the island of Lesvos in Greece. Profile Buy Olive Oil

  4. Arhetipon Aehetiponolive oil of ultra premium quality from Messenia, Greece. It is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperature (T<27°C), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. It is a single-varietal olive oil (100% Koroneiki variety) with medium fruity, medium bitter and medium pungent flavour and freshly cut grass, green apple and citrus fruit notes aroma. During the process of packing, it has maximum acidity of 0,3%. Available in 500 ml e 16.9 fl.oz./ 3 lt e 101,4 fl.oz Buy Olive Oil Profile

  5. Biosphere Biosphere is organically produced by the first unripe olives, only from the few and finest especially selected olive trees, and harvested by hand in mid-October. Significant characteristics and high nutritional properties give shape to the strong personality of this unique green olive oil. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  6. Charisma Nature of Crete and 150 years of olive-growing expertise are combined to produce consistently superior extra virgin olive oils.charisma extra virgin olive oil A good value, all-purpose extra virgin olive oil for olive oil lovers and heavy users.This is a high quality, flavorful olive oil for everyday use.Use it for everything, including healthy cooking, since extra virgin olive oil retains its nutritional values even at high temperatures. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  7. Divine. Mount Olympus Divine makes us really proud with its extremely low acidity, the richness of its taste and an aftertaste you can never forget. We hand pick the olives from the Pierian Mountains, the backyard of the Olympian Gods, and gently crush them within hours of picking them, to ensure a premium extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality. The Divine Mount olympus also honored with Prestige Gold Award in Israel Olive Oil Competition on 14th June 2015. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  8. EiriniPlomariou EiriniPlomariou is a monocultivarunfiltered organic olive oil which is harvested by hand on the highlands of Plomari . Fresh grass, bitter almond and wild artichoke are the unique aromas. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  9. Eleon Eleonextra virgin olive oil cold extracted. Superior class olive oil extracted directly from hand-picked olives and exclusively by mechanical means. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  10. Estate Agrilia Estate Agrilia (pronounced agreleeah) is a brand of organic extra virgin olive oil derived from hand-picked, organically grown olives of the ‘Koroneiki’ variety that are carefully processed to ensure that the oil they produce is of the highest quality. Our family-owned grove is situated on Antiparos, a small picturesque island in the Cyclades in the heart of the Aegean Sea, which is home to the entire production and bottling facility. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  11. EstiKalamata PDO EstiKalamata PDO extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), produced exclusively from Koroneikivariety of olives which grow only in Kalamata region. This superb olive oil, boasts unprecedented organoleptic characteristics some of which are its green color and the distinctive aroma of freshly-cut olives. It is this freshness of the olives combined with notes of apple taste, almonds and spices that make its aroma unique. Its production is limited and all bottles are numbered. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  12. Gaea Fresh Gaea Fresh “freshness” we have replaced oxygen in all tanks with nitrogen, thus stopped olive oil oxidation. Nitrogen is also being added to the head space of the stylish tin, where we “bottle” our exceptional Gaea. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  13. Kaldi Organic Kaldi Organic extra virgin olive oil is made from rare Adramytiani and Kolovi olives grown and harvested on the island of Lesvos, Greece. The organic olives produce a light, fruity tasting olive oil that is low in chlorophyll and free fatty acids. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  14. Ladolea Ladolea produces and distributes, in unique handmade ceramic pots, superior quality monovarietal extra virgin olive oils, Ladolea from the region of Corinthia, in Northern Peloponnese. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  15. Laconiko Laconiko over four generations, our single estate handpicked koroneiki olives are picked in Trinisa, Laconia, off the sandy beaches of the southern Peloponnese. This unique microclimate gives our olive oil its unique flavor and rich aroma. Buy Olive Oil Profile

  16. Makaria Terra Makaria Terra based in SkalaMessinia, Greece. Our foremost aim is absolute and uncompromised quality throughout the entire process, from cultivation all the way to harvesting, olive oil extraction, storage and bottling. Our oil is produced exclusively from our own olive grove of Koroneiki variety trees which are native to the area Buy Olive Oil Profile

  17. Mani Blauel Mani Blauel organic brand stands for absolute quality, sustainable production methods and fair trade standards implemented in every aspect of business. Buy Olive Oil Profile