nordvpn setup installation steps for fire tv or amazon firestick n.
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Nordvpn Setup Installation Steps for Fire TV or Amazon Firestick for Kodi PowerPoint Presentation
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Nordvpn Setup Installation Steps for Fire TV or Amazon Firestick for Kodi

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Nordvpn Setup Installation Steps for Fire TV or Amazon Firestick for Kodi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let\'s start now! There is not a lot of information out there on how to specifically install NordVPN on the Amazon Firestick. Nord VPN has a native Android app that can be downloaded from the Play Store, but it wasn’t specifically built to be used on the Firestick.

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nordvpn setup installation steps for fire tv or amazon firestick
NordVPN setup installation Steps for Fire TV or Amazon Firestick


to maker this process happen firstly you have

To maker this process happen, firstly you have to purchase a NordVPN.

  • Unconfident, which VPN should try? Let’s start with a comparison of the best VPN for Kodi and Firestick/Fire TV.
  • There is not much out there on how to particularly install NordVPN setup on the Amazon Firestick. There is a native Android app for Nord VPN that can be downloaded from the Play Store, but it wasn’t developed purposely to be used on the Amazon Firestick. So, here is a brief descriptive tutorial, by using you can finally hide your IP details from your ISP and anybody else who might be noticing, and watch your favorite Kodi apps. If you don’t have NordVPN yet, you can click here to sign up. Sometimes the special deal pops up to get it at $3.29/month, but if it doesn’t, at checkout you can enter the coupon code 2YDeal2017 to get it for $3.29/mo.
  • UPDATE: NordVPN has just released a 3-year deal for $2.75/month. Use coupon code 3ydeal.
  • If you are surfing for Netflix particularly, I suggest you to have a look on post I posted here about the best VPNs for Netflix. Netflix is something very different beast because it specifically blocks VPNs so you should correct one to get something like that.
  • I guess almost folks are here to utilize this VPN for Kodi. It is something I am using personally it for and highly suggest a VPN. Most of the people are getting detained in the UK right now for the reason that they are not hiding their identity. It is just a matter of time by that begins happening in the US and all over the world, if it isn’t already. So, without any delay below I am going to detail steps of “how to install Nord VPN on Kodi and FireStick/Fire TV”


required tools
Required Tools:
  • Required Tools:
  • Amazon Firestick or Fire TV.
  • Android Phone or tablet.
  • Connection to the Internet.
  • NordVPN Subscription plan.
  • Your phone must be connected to the same wifi connection as your firestick and not using 3g/4g.
  • If you are not an Android phone or Android devices user you are not going to get any results. It is specifically built for the Android devices, so iPhone will not work here.


firstly setup your fire stick or tv setting

Firstly, setup your Fire stick or TV setting accordingly to accept apps from unknown resources. This can be found under Settings > Device > Developer Options. Turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.


On your Amazon Firestick or TV go to Search bar and search for “Es file” then click on the word to search it.


it will bring es file explorer up download

It will bring ES File Explorer up. Download ES File Explorer app to your firestick. Then, pull out your Android Phone and take the helm to the Play Store. Here you have to search for and download three different apps one by one. Firstly go for the “Open VPN for Android”, then “Apps2Fire”, and the last one is “Es File Explorer”.


moving further open apps2fire and find setup

Moving further, open “Apps2Fire” and find setup option in the provided menu list.Submit the IP Address of your Amazon Firestick into the allotted field. To find your Fire stick or Fire TV IP Address, go to your Fire stick and navigate to Settings > Device > About > Network and you will get your IP Address over there provided something like this. I have crossed mine out for safety measures. (I love being able to edit my images with a pen on my Galaxy Note).


after you get connected to your firestick

After you get connected to your Firestick by entering the IP address, now are able to send the “OpenVPN for Android” app to your firestick. Go to Local Apps on the top menu of “Apps2Fire” on the left-hand side.


scroll down to find the openvpn app click

Scroll down to find the OpenVPN app. Click on the “OpenVPN” app and then click install. Now it should be installed on Amazon Fire stick TV. You should be able to see it from the list of apps under Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. The last step was explained just to verify “Is the apps installed or not>” so there is no need to perform this step immediately.

in next step go to your android phone

In next step, go to your Android phone, and go to “” to find a catalog of configuration files. Each one is prefixed over there with a specific country code. For example, if you are a US citizen, or you want to make sure you have a US IP address then scroll down to search for ones that start with “us”. If you will notice, they have ones that have TCP and ones with UDP at the end. Go for the TCP one firstly as TCP is typically a more trustworthy connection. If it isn’t working then your second priority should be UDP. I had experiences with both and both works fine.

next go to es file explorer on both your
Next, go to “ES File Explorer” on both your connected Android device and your firestick. For the Android phone users, it will be in your “Apps” section and for the Firestick, you have to go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > ES File Explorer.

Moving further, Inside “ES File Explorer” app search for the hamburger menu at the top left side. Now click the hamburger menu and go to Local > Download.

the server configure file you downloaded
The server configure file you downloaded few minutes ago from the NordVPN website should be there. Long press and hold to select it. After a long press few option in right should be there. In bottom right click “More” with the three dots and then click “Send”.


es file explorer will now search for another
ES File Explorer will now search for another device on the network. Assuming you opened ES File Explorer on your Firestick/TV then you should see one device. On my system it is labeled as “AFTM”. Click on that device, wait for a confirmation message on your TV screen and click “OK” to download the configuration file you are transferring from your connected android phone. Exit out of the application on your fire stick once. It is downloaded and there is no need to go to the file or anything over here.


on the firestick go back to manage installed
On the Firestick, go back to Manage Installed Applications and Click on “OpenVPN for Android”.

In the right bottom click the little download icon with a downside arrow over.

If the “open from” dialog menu doesn’t unlock up at once, click the menu on the top-left and hit on internal storage. Your configuration file must be there. Unfortunately if it isn’t there, you may have saved it somewhere else, so click on “ES File Explorer”. It is in right under Internal Storage and explore for the folders you saved file in. By default, it should be automatically saved in internal storage.


now there is only few steps back click the file
Now there is only few steps back, click the file to begin the process. Go to the welcoming screen of “OpenVPN for Android” and click profiles and then click on your VPN config. file. You will need to login to your NordVPN account at some point here.

Last but not least, go to the Settings at the top and you may want to click check boxes to automatically “Connect on Boot”.

It done! After that you should be connected and good to go. Right here you can use Kodi on a VPN or Prime TV or something else you use the FireStick or Fire TV for.


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