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Enterprise App Development trends 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Enterprise App Development trends 2013

Enterprise App Development trends 2013

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Enterprise App Development trends 2013

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  1. Enterprise App Development Trends 2013 Businesses are just beginning to understand the benefits they may get using mobile technologies.

  2. Q2 2013 Mobile Developer Report by Appcelerator& IDC It’s High Time To Make Business Mobile • The percentage of mobile app developersworking on B2B and employee B2E applications has increased from 29.3% in Q410 to 42.7% in Q213 • In Q410 70.7% of developers planned to build primarily B2Capplications, meanwhile in Q213, this number dropped to 57.2%. • The demand on enterprise apps contributed to a 3.3% yearover year growth in the apps market.

  3. Enterprise Apps Are In Trend “While an enterprise may have only a couple of customer-facing apps, it will likely have requirements for tens or hundreds of employee and partner-focused apps (expense reporting, dispatch and routing).” Q2 2013 Mobile Developer Report by Appcelerator& IDC

  4. Customs Business Apps Are Alive "Enterprises spend about the same on custom-developed business applications as on packaged business software." Forrester'

  5. Hybrid App Development “Enterprises should consider how applications can be enriched or improved by the addition of native device capabilities and evaluate development frameworks that offer the ability to develop native, hybrid and Web applications using the same code base. Where possible, development activities should be consolidated via cross-platform frameworks.” Van Baker, research vice president at Gartner 50%of mobile apps deployed by 2016will be hybrid.

  6. Usability

  7. Componentization Componentization will enable app delivery teams to blend the best elements of custom-built apps and components and off-the-shelf-components for functions such as loan origination and know-your-customer apps.

  8. Tablets: Emerging App Platform • Placing equal priority on tablets and smartphones (81.34% vs. 84%, respectively), most of app developers consider tablets to be the next emerging app platform. • The developer interest and enterprise use of tablets are challenging the traditional PC-based business processes and the quantity and quality of customers and employees' points of contact.

  9. Internal Enterprise App Stores • "Most enterprises are keen to control and govern the software content -- apps and add-ons -- from which their employees, administrators, or subsidiaries can choose. This is driving demand for internal enterprise app stores or private "views" of approved content in public and mobile app stores.” (Forrester) • According to Gartner, Inc, 25 %of all world enterprises will have an enterprise app store for managing corporate-sanctioned apps on computers and mobile devices by 2017.

  10. Putting Strategy Before Development Before Building Your Mobile Enterprise Strategy Think About:

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