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Nakamoto Forestry is one of the world largest producers of traditional Japanese Yakisugi wood .Yakisugi is a Japanese solid swan wood plank product gaining popularity all over the world. This charred wood is given a stylish look and moreover it is fire, water, insect and rot resistant. This wood supplies at reasonable price and used in both interior siding and exterior wall cladding. This elegant and high quality wood can be give attractive looks to apartment. It can be brushed, and even left black to achieve an amazing looks of various finishes. They have four in Hiroshima and Tokushima, and have a distribution center with inventory in Portland, Oregon to supply Shou Sugi Ban in USA and Canada. if you are searching for any of these: shou sugi ban siding, shou sugi ban fence, shou sugi ban flooring, shou sugi ban wood, Japanese burnt wood siding, Japanese wood burning feel free to contact Nakamoto Forestry.

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Nakamoto forestry

Nakamoto Forestry

Largest Producer of Traditional Japanese Yakisugi

About nakamoto forestry
About Nakamoto Forestry

Nakamoto Forestry is largest supplier of Japanese traditional Yakisugi wood and modern design, millwork, and carpentry have become popular in the west due to attention to detailed work and advanced technology. We are known for supplying highest grade Japanese charred wood products at amicable prices by owning the entire manufacturing process, from harvesting logs from our own forests to applying prefinished oils ourselves. With increase in demand of Shou Sugi Ban wood, Nakamoto Forestry expanded its distribution to North America. They have their distribution centers with product inventory in Portland, Oregon.

Ancient product with modern applications
Ancient Product with Modern Applications

Nakamoto Forestry manufactures several varieties of charred wood products that are not only cosmetically beautiful, but also fire, weather, and UV resistant. We have our four mills specializing in authentic Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) supplied from several thousand acers of our owned managed forest for decades. Three product services are there primarily: Pika-Pika, Suyaki and Gendai.

Suyaki the original yakisugi
Suyaki- The Original Yakisugi

Suyaki is traditional and original product, often called “alligator” in the west. It has heavily Charred surface, which makes it long lasting and durable. This Japanese Charred Wood product is mostly use for exteriors because it is not polished or brushed but it has stunning and effervescent shimmer.

Gendai brushed once
Gendai-Brushed Once

Gendai surface is start over with same heavy flame treatment as Suyaki, but brushed once to solidify and give stylish look. The heavy charring is brushed off to produce a consistent, silky surface. Gendai is most commonly specified in Japan as well as North America.

Pika pika brushed twice
Pika-Pika-Brushed Twice

Pika-Pika is brushed twice to removes all charring from the softer spring growth ridges. Our manufacturing technique has been optimized over centuries to produce this look in a much more consistent product that will be perfect for exteriors and interiors. Pika-Pika takes stains while retaining the warmth of Shou Sugi Ban Wood.

Contact nakamoto forestry
Contact Nakamoto Forestry

3010 Southeast 54th AvenuePortland, Oregon 97206 USA


Phone: 1-503-512-6780