pitch desk and its 12 important slides n.
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Pitch Desk and its 12 Important Slides PowerPoint Presentation
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Pitch Desk and its 12 Important Slides

Pitch Desk and its 12 Important Slides

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Pitch Desk and its 12 Important Slides

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  1. Pitch Desk and its 12 Important Slides

  2. What is Pitch Deck? • A pitch deck is a brief presentation, like a PowerPoint presentation, which is made to give a brief description or an overview of your business to your audience. Usually, you will use your pitch deck in a face-to-face or an online meeting with your investors, stakeholders, customers and co-founders.

  3. 12 slides of a Pitch Deck

  4. 1. Introduction • A brief introduction of you, who are you and what are your services and why are you here. The introduction must be shorter and sweet. Try to make the introduction point-to-point and in a way that can impress the person in front of you.

  5. 2. Team • Give a description of the people who are working with you on the idea and briefly describe their role in that all project.

  6. 3. Problem • Use this slide to talk about the problem you are solving and what is the problem and who has the problem. You can talk about the current solutions in the market but don’t take too much time to explain the competitive problems. Try and tell a shorter and relatable story when defining the problem.

  7. 4. Advantages • Use this slide to explain the advantages of your solutions and what the part that makes your solution special is. Also explain why your solutions and working is different from others and what its benefits to the organization.

  8. 5. Solution • It is the important slide where you have to describe your services and how the customers use your products and how they are beneficial to the problems you mentioned above. You have to briefly describe how your solutions can rescue your products from then problems.

  9. 6. Product • Here you have to describe your all products and services and how they actually works. What is the importance of your products and try to give some solid examples that why your products are different from others and why customers must buy them.

  10. 7. Traction • If you already have sales and some potential customers who are using your products, describe them here. Investors want to see if your problem solving really works and it reduces risks or you have proof that validates that your solutions are extremely powerful.

  11. 8. Market • Use this slide to explain your ideal customers and the size of your market and your targeted areas and what do you think the position of your company in the market. Investors also wants to know what your plans on getting the attention of the customers are and what your sale process in market is.

  12. 9. Competition • All businesses have competition from the other, even you are starting a new business then keep in mind that your customers are already using some alternatives to solve their problems. You have to explain how you are different from you competitors and alternatives and what makes your services more different than them and why people leave them and adapt you.

  13. 10. Business model • Explain them the plans you are already using for your business and what are your plans in future to make more profit then now. Show them the proper schedule how they are going to make their products more valuable and if they will invest how the profit rate of the company will increase.

  14. 11. Investing • Finally it’s the time to ask them money, the reason of doing this pitch deck. It’s the time to tell them how much money you need from them and why’re you asking them money. Investors would like to know how your money will be getting used and how it will help you to achieve the described goals.

  15. 12. Contact • Here you will end this presentation by leaving your contact and details. Where they can contact you if they are impressed by your presentation and wants to do investment in your business.