lovely 1st birthday candles that will lighten up your child s birthday celebration l.
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lovely 1st birthday candles that will lighten up your child s birthday celebration

While preparing the list of birthday party supplies, candles are the ones that are always on the top. These accessories not only beautify the cake but also complement your party theme. They give a feeling of entirety to the birthday party and blowing them up is always fun for the celebrant as well as for the audience.

Lovely 1st Birthday Candles that will lighten up your child’s birthday celebration
For your little chap’s first birthday buy something that is simple as well as attractive. Your kid will not be able to blow it up but will surely enjoy the clapping, the wishes, and the happy birthday song. Here are some of the cutest 1st Birthday Candles that you can buy from Mybirthdaysupplies.
balloon candles

At this age, your child will not be able to understand anything but will enjoy the colorful decoration. Make your cake look attractive to him/her by placing a balloon themed candle on it. First Birthday Balloons Pink Candle will be ideal for a girl’s birthday whereas for a boy, buy the blue one.

Balloon candles
character candles
Character candles

If you are hosting a character theme party, buy a candle that will add more excitement to your party by buying character candles. For example, if you are having a Spiderman party, you must buy a Spiderman candle. Princess themed candles will mesmerize the cuties that will be attending your princess’ birthday.

block candles
Block candles

These candles can also be used as centerpieces. They feature a candle in the shape of number one surrounded by alphabetical blocks reading ‘birthday’. This candle comes in two colors; the First Birthday Blocks Blue Candle is for boys and pink one is for girls.

alphabet candles
Alphabet candles

Shiny alphabetical candles can be used to write ‘happy birthday’ or even the name of the birthday girl or boy on the cake. These designs go well with all birthday themes and are a great option for your darling’s first birthday.

Apart from these options, you can also buy musical candles, spiral candles, polka dot candles, etc. Many other varieties such as relight candles are also available; however, they will not be appropriate for first birthdays.