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Get relief with multicare Homeopathic medicines, which are one of the best forms of natural treatment for allergic. It Relief relieves common allergy symptoms including watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, nose, and throat, sinus pain. For more details, Visit us:

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Homeopathic treatment for allergy

What is Allergy?

Allergy is a common health disorder occurred in most of the people. The

common symptoms are repeated sneezing one after another around 10-20

times at a time with itching of nose and eyes, runny nose redness and

swelling of eyes, weakness feeling etc. If any person have all those above

symptoms will be diagnose as suffering from allergic rhinitis or hay fever in

conventional treatment there is only temporary relief of symptoms by taking

the anti allergic medicines. This allergic problem is developed When a

man’s immune system come in contact with particular substances called

allergen in the environment that is harmless for most people. People with

allergies, their immune systems are working too hard and react to those

allergens label as harmless for normal people.

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

The Common Causes for Allergy:

Food allergy:

Food allergy is most common in children and babies, but can appear at

any age also.

The most common foods accounts for allergy are:




Tree nuts





Fruit and vegetable pollen

(oral allergy syndrome)

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Dust Allergy:

Dust or dust mite is the most common trigger factor for allergy or hayfever.

Dust mites are commonly found in our old nonuse mattresses pillows, books,

and household substances. People with dust allergies often suffer mostly

inside their homes and the symptoms appear during or immediately after

vacuuming, sweeping and dusting.

The common Symptoms develop after exposed to dust :

Recurrence Sneezing

Common cold like Runny nose and Blocked nose

Itching with Redness, and teary eyes

Difficulty in breathing, coughing, tightness in chest and shortness of breath

Itching of nose and ear.

Homeopathic treatment for allergy


Pollens are fine powder like substances that is transported from plant to

plant by the wind, by birds or insects or by other animals. Those are

carried by the long distance by wind and come in contact to your nose or

nasal passage. Though they are harmless does not rise any health

problems, but reacts adversely with some people who are allergic to

pollens. The pollen allergy is also called hay fever. Spring blooming plants

include oak, birch, hickory, pecan, and even some grasses produce


The common symptoms of pollen allergy are:

• Bout of Sneezing

• Nasal congestion

• Runny and itch nose

• Congested, itchy, Watery eyes

• Itchy throat , nose and ears

• Wheezing and respiratory distress

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Animal dander:

All pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, and rodents, have animal dander (dead skin

cells). If you have a cat or dog allergy your body’s immune system reacts to the

protein in the pet’s urine saliva and dander. These can trigger allergy and asthma


If you experience the following symptoms after being contact to your pets then

you may have an allergy to animal dander.

• Sneezing one after another

• Itchy of nose, eyes, ears, watery eyes

• Watery nasal discharge with irritation inside nose

• Nasal Congestion or stuffy Nose

• Urticaria or hives likes rashes also appear on skin.

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Various drugs:

There are various drug which reacts adversely in your body and develops various allergic

symptoms. The allergic symptom arises from drug reaction varies from person to person. All

drugs do not give any reaction but few drugs reacts to certain people who are allergic to

those drugs in your body

The most common are:

Antibiotics, such as penicillin

Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen


Monoclonal antibody therapy


Common symptoms of a drug allergy:

•Hives like skin rashes

•Itching of the eyes and skin

•Swelling of the lips, tongue, or face.

•Wheezing and breathing difficulty

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Paint :

The paint contain some chemicals which are allergic to some people. When you

paint the vapors come out from it causes various allergic reactions to those people

who are hypertensive to the chemical it contain.

The common symptoms occurred in paint allergy:

• Breathing difficulty

• Wheezing sound

• Coughing

• Sneezing

• Itching rashes on skin

• Urticaria or hives like symptoms

Homeopathic treatment for allergy


Fumes: Numerous fragrances have saturated our environment and become a

part of our daily life. But some people get allergic reaction with some

fragrances Some Hair spray,soap, body and facial lotion, shampoo, cosmetics,

deodorant and aftershave contain fragrance though does not give any reaction

but manifest severe allergic reaction to many hypersensitive people. Work

place exposure to fragrance can also be very frustrating for millions of Allergic

rhinitis and asthma patients.


• Watery nasal Discharge with itching inside the nose.

• Itching of eyes , redness of eyes,

• Coughing and difficulty in breathing

• Post nasal drip

• Headache

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Cold air :

Some people are sensitive and shows cold like symptoms during cold weather

changing climate or season change .They are allergic to cold air and when get

exposed in sort of cold air like exposure to air-condition, or working in severe

Cold weather manifest various allergic symptoms like

• Sneezing with runy nose

• Difficulty in breathing with wheezing sound in chest.

• Coughing

• Sore throat or tonsillitis,

• Sinusitis

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Best 6 Homeopathic medicines for


1. Arsenicum : Arsenicum is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to treat

allergy and asthma. There is profuse nasal discharge with burning of nose

associated with repeated sneezing. There is asthma symptoms which are

aggravated on midnight. The breathlessness and difficulty in breathing are worst

on lying posture. There is little relief if the person sites of with bending forward.

The person is very anxious about his diseases and stay restless always

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Sabadila :

In homeopathy, sabadilla is mostly prescribed for treating hay fever, allergies. The symptoms

of these health conditions include sporadic sneezing with running nose, reddish eyes, acute

frontal pain, diarrhea associated incessant splitting pains. There is also Copious, watery, nasal

discharge. There is profuse nasal secretion with sneezing continuously .The person is very

sensitive to cold. On exposure to cold there is frontal headache with redness of eyes and


Homeopathic treatment for allergy


It is the most effective homeopathy medicines for allergy and

asthma origin from dust and pollens. There is tightness of chest and

shortness of breathing, wheezing sound, and coughing after exposure

to dust and pollens. The asthma symptoms relieved by stool.

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

Allium cepa:

Allium Cepa is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for

Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever. When there is watery discharge from the

eyes and running nose . the runny nose is mostly associated with burning

type and the watery discharge dropdown from the tip of the nose. The

runny nose is also associated with watery eyes but there is no burning

pain in eyes. There is profuse sneezing associated with runny nose and

watery eyes.

Homeopathic treatment for allergy


It one of the most valuable medicines for allergy and asthma. It is prepared

from the histamine that found in mast cell. It boost the immune system

from allergy and asthma condition. It is generally used in hay fever and

chronic bronchial asthmatic condition. The major symptoms are frequent

sneezing, runny nose, and stuffy nose.

Homeopathic treatment for allergy


Natrum Mur is most prescribed Homeopathic medicine that is most

beneficial for the treatment of nasal allergies. The important for using

Natrum Mur in nasal allergy are a running nose with sneezing and

difficulty in breathing. There is also Oversensitive to smell with nosebleed

and stopped up.

Homeopathic treatment for allergy

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