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  1. DIAMONDS By: Jasmine Salinas 11/30/11

  2. Purpose of this project. • The purpose of this project is to teach people how diamonds are made and where they come from. • I choose this project because I want to learn more about what diamonds are made from.

  3. Summary of the project. • My project will show the different ways diamonds are formed and what types of diamonds there are and also where they come from. • This project will explain what diamonds are made from and how they are made.

  4. How Are Diamonds Formed? • Diamonds were formed many many years ago deep inside of the earth. • The formation required specific conditions, involving the exposure of the many carbon bearing materials with a very high heat with a huge natural pressure. • Many of these conditions occur in the mantle of the earth.

  5. What Are Diamonds? • Diamonds are crystallized forms of carbon that gobeyond the oldest known life on earth. • Diamonds formation required the liability of carbon bearing materials with very high heat and a natural pressure. • The place were this heat comes from is the mantle approximately 150to 200 kms from the earths surface were both high pressures and temperatures exist.

  6. What types of diamonds are there? • There are many different types of diamonds. • Diamonds have different cuts there are princess, emerald, and radiant cut diamonds. • One of most popular cut diamonds are the round diamonds these rings are mostly used as engagement rings.

  7. In my community • In my community diamonds are mostly used as engagement rings. • The type of diamond used for these engagement rings are the round cut diamonds diamond cutters have used these diamonds for rings for over 100 years.

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