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How to Potty Train a Girl PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Potty Train a Girl

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How to Potty Train a Girl - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A guide on how to potty train girls.

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PottyTrainingTips for Girls

If youhavea daughter,I’msure you’ve readonlinethat pottytrainingherwouldbeeasyandthatshe wouldlearnfast. However,reality is showingvery differentresults.

It’s truethat girlsareusually trainedfasterthanboys.This is because theyreach the pottytrainingage earlier thanthem. They aregenerallymoreready tobe pottytrainedthanboys. Youmight bedoing everything right butshe just won’t learn. If thatis thecase,shemight be ina potty trainingresistance mode.

There couldbea number of reasons why sheis resisting. Theremight besome problems in the house that you’renotawareof. She couldhave hada badexperiencewith usingthe pottythat youhaven’t realized yet soshe is anxious whenever it’stime touse it againsoinsteadof goingahead, she just resists.

Herearesome helpful tipstoget her toresumepottytraining.


If yourdaughter is stillwearinga diaper, I hope not,oryouopted tousea pullup,itmaybe time togo for atrainingunderwearinstead.Pullups anddiapersaremade fromthesame materials andshemay have realized thatandthink thatwhen she wearsthem, she couldurinate andpoopanytime,anywhere as longasshe iswearingit.Changingtoatrainingunderwearmaybe thesolutiontoyourproblem because childrendon’tlikeit whentheyfeelthesensationof beingwetordirtyfromurineor poop.This might push hertolearn howtousethe potty.

Explaintoher clearlywhatyouwant hertodoandif youcan,trytoaccompany her tothebathroomand demonstrate. Tell herthatshe is already becominga grownupandthatgrownups shouldlearn how to usethetoilet.

Have clotheseasily accessible forchanging. Teachherhowtochange her underwear andtellherthat it is her responsibility tochange whenevershewetsor soils herself. If she wetsor soils herself, let herfeel the sensationof urinerunningdown herlegsor poopstayingin herunderwear.She won’t like itandit mayspark her interest inusingthe pottyinstead.

Giveher rewardsor treatswhenever she doessomethingsuccessfully. Itmaybein the formof cookies or candiesorspecialstickers fora rewards chart. Whenevershe reachesa certainamountof stickers, go somewhereyouwouldn’t normally go.Makethe rewards unique andexclusivetopotty trainingsothat she will bemoremotivatedtodoit successfully.

Keepthe potty closetoherplay area if sheis uncomfortable in usingitinthe bathroom.

It’s veryimportantthat youstaycalmandpatientwithyour daughter duringthewhole trainingprocess. Youshouldn’t be angry withher even ifshe resistsorfails to usethe potty consistently. Positive reinforcement andmotivationis recommendedbecauseyouwant hertolearn not becauseshe isafraid of youor she wantstopleaseyou. Youwant hertolearnbecause she wantstolearn.

If she learnsbecauseshe justwants topleaseyouor that becauseshe doesn’t want youtogetmad, theremay be problems later. Forexample,justwhenyouthink she is successfully pottytrained,she regresses whenyou’re notaround. When it’s time togotoschool andyouare notthere,shemight refusetouse the toiletbecauseyouare not there toget angryat her.For moreinformationabout potty traininggirls, youcanvisit