5 quick post workout snacks you probably don t have in your six pack abs diet n.
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5 Unique Post Workout Snacks You Need To Try PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Unique Post Workout Snacks You Need To Try

5 Unique Post Workout Snacks You Need To Try

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5 Unique Post Workout Snacks You Need To Try

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  1. 5 Quick Post Workout Snacks You Probably Don’t Have in Your Six Pack Abs Diet Variety is the spice of life! Quite often it is assumed you need a protein shake after a workout. A protein shake doesn’t have the war food in it your body craves for natural replenishment. Here are 5 uncommon quick post-workout snacks you can devour, and feel good about eating! Six Pack Abs V

  2. Six Pack Abs V Most exercise experts advocate the use of a post-workout meal to enhance the benefits of your work out and this is essential for a six pack abs diet. Many people grab a sports drink or candy bar, thinking that a quick blast of carbs is all they need for recovery. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Post-workout food prep is not rocket science, but not using the correct nutrients to refuel after a workout makes it harder to do a good six pack abs diet.

  3. Six Pack Abs V

  4. Six Pack Abs V There are a multitude of supplement products marketed for a six pack abs diet. They swear that you’ll get ripped and look like the people who advertise their products.

  5. Six Pack Abs V Most of these supplements are extremely expensive, and if you are not into competitive bodybuilding, way too calorie-laden to be of much help for your six pack abs diet.

  6. Six Pack Abs V In addition to expense, they can be a real pain to measure, mix, and carry on a day to day basis. Not too many people I know carry shaker cups, huge cans of whey powder, glucose powder and assorted other ingredients to the gym or to work with them every day.

  7. Six Pack Abs V • The few people I know that actually do this are competition-level athletes, and it is part of their job. • First of all, yes, you do need carbs, but you also need some protein as well. Both of these ingredients work with each other to speed muscle recovery and reload you for the rest of your day.

  8. Six Pack Abs V • The meal for your six pack abs diet should be easy to prepare, easy to consume, and not cost a fortune to buy. • Top Re-Load Foods for a Six Pack Abs Diet • 1. Apples: a medium sized apple has about 45 calories in it-it provides both carb and fiber and will give you the sugar boost you need post-workout.

  9. Six Pack Abs V • Peanut butter: while somewhat high in calories, 1 Tablespoon of regular peanut butter provides 4 grams of protein and only 98 calories to your six pack abs diet. Oddly, the ‘no-sugar’ variety seems to have more calories than regular, so don’t waste your money on it.

  10. Six Pack Abs V • Yogurt with fruit: this is the perfect end to a workout. I use Chobani Greek yogurt (Black Cherry) and a six oz cup has 140 calories, no fat, and 14 grams of protein. Yogurt is easily digestible and goes to work quickly to replenish your body with needed fuel to get you through to your next meal. Any brand of no-fat yogurt is good, check the labeling for nutritional information. Even better-there’s no prep involved and all you need is a spoon.

  11. Six Pack Abs V • Celery and Hummus: Hummus is both delicious and packed with protein and carb. Pair with celery for a crunchy, filling snack. This is what I personally chomp on. Are you asking why not peanut butter and celery? The answer is simple, peanut butter will kill me within 15 minutes of eating it (my mom found out the hard way before allergy testing, I was 3 and stuck in the ICU for 5 days!)

  12. Six Pack Abs V • If you don’t have any other options, a lower calorie version of a bottled protein shake is good. Prepare to spend anywhere up to $3.00.bottle for it. Check to make sure that it comes in under 200 calories for your six pack abs diet.

  13. Six Pack Abs V Some trainers have advocated this post workout time as the perfect time to indulge in usually off-limits foods; you probably could get away with a candy bar or something similar in the short run( oh yeah- Capt’n Crunch here I come…), but for a real six pack abs diet to work, you need to instead chose better and more healthy foods for long term results.

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