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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'PERIMETER PEST CONTROL' - Mosquitocontrol

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Mason Exterminating LLC


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One time service calls, as you may need them.

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Monthly service for more serious problems that can occur.

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Bi-monthly Service.

 

Quarterly Maintenance Program.

 

Bi-annual Maintenance Program.

 

Annual Maintenance Program.

 

Exterior perimeter Pest Control Program.

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Professional strength chemicals for sale for the Do-it-yourselfers.

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Are you looking for a fast & dependable Family owned & operated pest control company? Since

1978, Mason's has been in business. In 1978 Mason's started out with just Mike Mason, Sr

running the office & out on route. Currently in 2014 Mason's has grown to a crew of six Pest

Control Technicians and three secretaries in the office. Here at Mason's everyone working here is

Family & we treat are customer's as if they are family as well. Our Technicians are certified,

trained, & licensed to treat both Residential & Commercial properties. We do not ever ask our

customers to sign a contract for any pest control service, your satisfaction is our contract! We

offer prices you can live with when pests have invaded your home or business. Give one of the

ladies in the office a call to schedule your next service.


Insects, roaches, and ants can be a terrible problem throughout your home, but often go

undetected for a long time, until you have a real infestation on your hands. It is difficult to

completely rid your house of insects with over the counter traps and sprays. The professionals do

it much better! If you are nervous about the cost of calling in a pro to take care of your insect

problem, here are a few things to consider.

How many insects do you have?

When it comes to inset control a good motto is: The sooner the better. It is much easier, faster

and cheaper to get rid of any pest the faster you catch it and the less time it has had to reproduce.

Once any insect has had time to lay its eggs, form colonies and grow, you will spend more time

and money to get rid of it. Call a pro at the first signs of an insect problem, not until after it has

become a serious problem.

One time removal or contract

If you have never had an insect problem in your home before and very suddenly you start to see

the signs, you may be able to call in the professionals for a one time extermination. However, if

you start to notice that you have an ongoing insect problem, you may opt to hire an exterminator

on a contract basis. In these cases you would pay a monthly, or sometimes quarterly fee for the

pro to come to your home on a scheduled basis to stop any type of insect infestation before it

begins...or begins again! You may pay more for a contract over the years, but if it keeps the pests

away permanently it is well worth the cost.

Repair to damage caused by pests

It is easy to believe that if you do not hire a professional to take care of your pest or insect

problem that you are saving money...and of course, in one sense you are. But the problem with

insects which is often overlooked is the damage they do inside your home and the cost of

repairing that damage. Insects can eat through your clothing, lay their eggs throughout your

home and in the case of termites, cause structural damage to your house. Not to mention, they


often spread germs and bacteria that can make you or your family sick. In the long run it is

generally less expensive to take care of the insect problem as soon as possible than to wait and

fix the damage later on.
















We Treat Outside to Keep Pests From Coming Inside

Regardless of the time of year, undesirable pests can surround your home on the outside, seeking

entrance whenever and wherever they have a chance. Pests like crickets, millipedes and

centipedes, spiders, and a variety of ants – to name a few. Now you can put a stop to these

unwelcome pests with a perimeter pest control plan.

You, like many homeowners, may be unsure of what a home perimeter pest treatment involves.

Quite simply, think of the perimeter treatment our company provides as a life preserver for your

home. The exterior of your home is encircled- or surrounded – with an uninterrupted band or

protection, forming a barrier against unwanted pests.

2 Easy Steps to a Pest-Free Home

Protecting your family from pests with our perimeter control plan couldn’t be easier. It consists

of two simple steps:

Step 1: An analysis – Is there anything around the perimeter to welcome insects? Example: Wood

plies, stagnant water, broken gutters etc. This will help ride the dwelling form pests.

Step 2: A treatment plan- Once our trained technician inspects your home, a complete estimate

will be prepared and presented to you. Upon your approval of the estimate, an appointment for

the treatment will be scheduled. And because the exterior of your home is treated, there’s no

waiting around for the technician to come by and put the perimeter pest control plan into action.

Easy on You, Tough on Pests

After the perimeter of your home has been treated, our technician, will leave behind a notice

letting you know that the pest treatment has been completed. If you have any questions or

concerns you want to discuss with the technician or someone else at our company, simply call

816-322-3021 at your convenience, of course. What could be more hassle free? We believe this

is the easiest, yet toughest treatment plan to prevent unwanted pests from invading your home.

Fast Control of an Assortment of Pests


Our perimeter treatment gets ride of troublesome pests fast. And you won’t see a trace of them

for a long time after the treatment. That’s because we use highly effective pest control products

designed to eliminate many different pests in just minutes. And there’s never a bothersome odor

for you, your family, or your pets.

Our perimeter pest treatment provides control of numerous pests, including:

Contact Mason Exterminating today for your mosquito

control quote today.


Adult length (not including appendages): about ¼ to ½ inch.

Habitat and conservation:

All need standing or quiet water in which to lay their eggs, but as adults, different species have

different habitats and active times. Some prevail near floodwaters or temporary pools, others in

houses, in irrigated pastures, marshes or streams. Some species bite in the day, while others are

most active at dawn, dusk or night. Eliminating standing water is an effective way of reducing

mosquitoes. Follow pesticide directions carefully. Educate yourself about the many ways to

manage mosquitoes.


Larvae eat algae and other microscopic organisms that abound in water; a few types prey on

other mosquito larvae. Adult males feed on flower nectar; they do not drink blood. Except for a

few species, adult females need the protein in blood in order to reproduce. Some species feed

only on certain types of animals; some, for example, only drink blood from frogs, and others

only from birds. Some mosquitoes bite nearly anything that breathes. And some prefer the blood

of humans.

Distribution in Missouri:



Worldwide, mosquitoes transmit the viruses for West Nile, yellow fever, dengue fever and more;

the parasites that cause malaria and elephantiasis; and the bacterium that causes tularemia. They

transmit heartworms to dogs. The most effective way to control mosquitoes is to eliminate

breeding sites: standing water in clogged gutters, old tires, flowerpots, ditches and so on. Reduce

bushy vegetation where adult mosquitoes rest. Use a repellent, such as one containing DEET.

Life cycle:


After a blood meal, females rest a few days and develop 100-400 or more eggs. These they

usually deposit on the water, flying close and tapping the abdomen onto the surface. Eggs hatch

in a few days and spend about a week as "wrigglers." The pupal stage lasts 2-3 days, after which

adults emerge, climbing out onto the water surface. Adults mate within a few days, and females

begin seeking blood. The life cycle usually takes a few weeks, but when conditions are right, it

can take only 10 days.

Human connections:

Mosquitoes plague us with their whines and itchy bites as well as with the serious and life-

threatening diseases they transmit to humans and other animals. Their economic impact is

staggering. Historically, the avoidance of "malarial" swamps determined where towns did or

didn't develop.

Ecosystem connections:

Although some mosquitoes prey on other mosquitoes, most are parasites. Some disease-causing

microorganisms need mosquitoes to complete their life cycle. Mosquito larvae are an important

food for many aquatic animals, including fish, and birds devour mosquitoes on the wing.



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