must know basics of soundproofing have you ever n.
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Soundproofing Products

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Are you looking for high-quality soundproofing products? We are Soundproofing Co and we can help you with the best products starting from anti-vib pads to sound clips to MLV rolls. With a wide inventory of noise reduction products available at an economical price, we can help you in a way you deserve and need.nVisit us at

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Soundproofing Products

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must know basics of soundproofing have you ever

Must-Know Basics Of Soundproofing

Have you ever been to a recording studio or a fully functional comedy

club? If yes, you might have noticed the place being devoid of sound

completely. It's important to the establishment there, but soundproofing

is now important to every building. Rabid development has made our

cities and neighborhood loud and noisy. Well, this is where a professional

comes with the finest soundproofing products to keep the noise away

from you. We all have come across soundproofing, but do you know the

basics of soundproofing? Well, in that case, here are some must-knows of


What is soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the method of reducing the ability of sound to travel.

This can be accomplished by reduction and absorption of noise. There are

several methods to approach the process of soundproofing like increasing

the distance between the source and the receiver, using noise barriers,

using damping structures, etc..

Though soundproofing was found to be a common ground earlier in

recording studios and other commercial purposes, now it is common to

find residential soundproofing solutions. Soundproofing can lower down

the indirect sounds like echoes resonances. In a nutshell, soundproofing is

a process that keeps away the unwanted noise and makes the sounds

that are needed much clearer.

some common terms when you are dealing with

Some Common Terms:

When you are dealing with soundproofing solutions, you will come across

some common industry terms. Here is a list of some common terms

which embody the basics of soundproofing.

Distance: Distance matters a lot when sound is considered. The

energy of sound waves decreases as they go ahead. One of the core

principles of reducing the noise is by creating a distance between

the source and the receiver. The more the distance, the lesser the


Damping: Damping, as the name suggests, means to reduce the

resonance in the room by absorption and reflection. In

environments like the recording studio, damping is important to

enhance the wanted sounds and decrease the unwanted noises.

This results in a better and clearer overall sound output.

Absorption: Many soundproofing products are designed to absorb

the unwanted noise. There are several kinds of absorption material

that reduce the noise level by a big margin. The absorbers can be

divided into two categories – porous absorbers and resonant

absorbers absorbing the sound converts the energy

absorbers. Absorbing the sound converts the energy into heat

energy and hence, reducing the noise.

Reflection and Diffusion: Reflection of sound waves is important to

keep the noise out of the equation. It depends on the dissimilarity

of the reflective surface. Diffusion is an extension of reflection. In

the case of a hard surface making problematic echoes, a diffuser is

brought in to scatter the sound.

These are some common terms you might come across when you are

treading the soundproofing path. Innovations like noise cancellation are

making the process of soundproofing easier. With the growing noise

disturbances around, residential soundproofing has become a common

ground. However, much like any other service, soundproofing should be

left to the professionals. They know the best soundproofing products to

be used in the context of a customer's requirement. The sound is good,

but noise isn't.

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