removing bills to delete item n.
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Remove Bills from items PowerPoint Presentation
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Remove Bills from items

Remove Bills from items

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Remove Bills from items

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Removing bills to delete item Find the title – use WIZARD: Item Search and Display (Tip: search by Item ID) Click on the TAB: Call Number/Item of the bib record Click on the TAB: Bills of the item record

  2. Click on WIZARD: Display Patron Click on the patron name

  3. Click on TAB: Bills on the patron record Highlight the item to be paid Right click anywhere on that item information Highlight option: Pay Bill

  4. Click dropdown menu on Payment Type Select Cancel Enter the dollar amount with decimal point in the payment window Click on the BUTTON: Pay Bills

  5. Click in User Id field to highlight Barcode Hold down the Ctrl and C keys on the keyboard to copy the barcode Click on WIZARD: Billing a User Hold down the Ctrl and V keys on the keyboard to paste the User ID Click on dropdown menu to select Reason for bill NOTE: options ending in X allow a bill to be created w/o an item barcode (e.g. damagex, holdx, lostx, overduex)

  6. Enter a dollar amount with a decimal point Click on BUTTON: Bill User

  7. In Catalog module, click on WIZARD: Call Number & Item Maintenance and search for title by item ID Click on BUTTON: Delete

  8. When deleting the last or only selected item for your library, Click the BUTTON: Yes If the item to be deleted is the last copy in the system, instead use WIZARD: Delete Title & Call Number Success!!