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The Best Whiskies In The World

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The Best Whiskies In The World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding the best whiskey in the India from both local and global brands can be a difficult proposition. We offer you our take on the best to be had.

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Hellyers Road Peated

Developed in Tasmania, Australia from local barley, the Hellyers Road Peated can be found in three different varieties, which are dependent on the degree of peating malt in the mix. As one of the best whiskies in the world, and definitely one of the best whiskies in India, that you can buy, the three varieties include the original flavor, as well as slightly peated and peated. A sample taste of the peated variety will reveal hints of ash, smoked fish, iodine and hummus, which will definitely give fans of this taste something to enjoy. For whiskey drinkers who do not like to have such a distinctive taste lingering on their palate, the ‘slightly peated’ option can definitely be something to explore.


Amrut Two Continents -

A fantastic option, and one of the best whiskies in India, Amrut is a name that you can trust to give you good whiskey. Amrut Two Continents, one of the distillery’s best known variant, is created using barley that is collected from the foothills of the Himalayas in India. This is then taken to Bengaluru for distillation, before taken to a secret location in Europe to mature in oak casks.

The complex production process, though, results in a whiskey that can rightly be called nectar. Starting off with a refreshing liveliness when it hits your palate, Two Continents ends the tryst with a spicy finish that you won’t be able to get enough of.


Slyrs: It may seem strange that a German-made whiskey, which is hailing from Bavaria, can make it to this list. However, the whiskey itself will leave all nay-sayers biting their tongue in disbelief, and is definitely a great whiskey, and one of the best whiskies in India for you to purchase. Using beech, the barley for the whiskey is smoked, instead of peet, followed by a distillation process that is carried out very, very slowly. The result? A sweet taste that seems reminiscent of biscuits, honey and herbs, which perfectly matches the expectations you will have when you see the beautiful golden hue that Slyrs sports.


Bere Barley – If you are a fan, or want to sample malt, in all of its original glory, then enjoy this fantastic whiskey made by Michel Couvreur, definitely one of the best whiskies in India that you can find. Made using the ancient, and barely used bere barley, that is at the heart of this French-made whiskey, which gives you a full flavor like few others. The single-malt takes 16 years to completely mature, but once it finds its way to a connoisseur, you can be sure that the years spent will do nothing to mellow the flavor of this magnificent whiskey.


McCarthy’s: While the United States is largely known for its production of Bourbon, there is one single malt that is the exception. In Oregon, a sharp single malt called McCarthy’s is matured for three years in air-dried Oregon oak barrels. The result is a whiskey that is peaty on the nose, but well balanced and soft on the palate. Another factor that works in its favor is exclusivity: only 12,000 bottles are produced every year, making it a relatively rare whiskey to have in your collection. While this is definitely the best whiskey in India that you can buy, trying to get your hand on it in the local market may be a problem, so keep some space handy for duty-free!


Hibiki: A revered Japanese blended whiskey, Hibiki is the poster child of the Suntory distillery. The 17-year variety, in particular, is a fantastic example of how this country’s whiskey is represented, boasting of a subtle, floral and fruity flavor. Definitely one of the best whiskies in India that you can buy, this is a fan favorite among both sexes. Furthermore, you can enjoy this one of two ways: the Japanese way, which is diluted with water, or the global way, watered down with a large spherical ice cube.


Midleton Very Rare– This whiskey, undoubtedly one of the finer examples of whiskies of the world, is the perfect example of a successful blend. As one of the best whiskies in India for you to buy, the Midleton Very Rare is taken from the hundred best barrels of the Midleton Distillery, which is the largest distillery in Ireland, Midleton Very Rare has been bottled and assembled since 1984, and is done by master blender Barry Crockett. You should definitely couple this with cubes of Ardrahan Irish Cheese.


Mackmyra: We all can agree on one thing; the Swedes are definitely creative when it comes to their whiskey. The Mackmyra distillery makes this addition to the best whiskies in the world, and definitely one of the best whiskies in India for you to buy, by accelerated ripening by using small 30 liter barrels to create assemblages in limited editions. The powerfully flavored Mackmyra Special:03 is a result of a mix of bourbon casks, sherry and Swedish new oak barrels.


Glen Breton Rare: Glen Brenton is crafted in stills that is flown in from the Bowmore distillery on the Scottish isle of Islay. The only Canadian single malt coming out from the country, the Glen Breton Rare is aged in bourbon casks, which then produces a complex beverage that will completely overwhelm your taste palate with notes of cherry, chocolate and maple. Matured over 10 years, this is definitely one of the best whiskies in India for you to buy, but is hard for you to get your hand on. For those who can, this whiskey is best enjoyed with smoked wild Pacific Salmon, which is truly a decadent addition, but totally worth it for the taste.