Rules you need to follow for the perfect beard
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Rules You Need To Follow For The Perfect Beard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The beard can be a man’s best fashion accessory. We give you our take on what you can do with it, and how to grow a beard.

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Stop The Stubble Cycle – The first, and most important step in figuring out how to grow a beard, is to break away from the ’stubble cycle’. Breaking out of the cycle of trying to grow a beard for a few days, then shaving it off, is the single, biggest reason why you can’t grow a glorious beard. Focus on bearing with the discomfort for a few weeks so that the base of your beard can be made.

Explore the idea of having a beard for a short period of time: The best part of figuring out how to grow a beard as a fashion accessory is the fact that you can customize, or get rid of it at any point in time. After all, no one likes a fashion accessory that is around all the time. Experiment, use different styles, and when you feel like it, get rid of your mane. Don’t worry, it will grow back in no time!

  • Never forget to get a pro-level neck fade time: The best part of figuring out –

  • The best beards always have to have an expertly done neck fade. This is an essential part of figuring out how to grow a beard. This give it an even look, and also ensures that your beard looks well kept. The first step is to trim your beard to the length you want it at. Then, get a good razor or machine out and start giving an even shave to the sides of your neck, from your Adam’s apple to where your jaw meets your neck.

  • After that, trim up from your Adam’s apple, to about an inch up. You should make sure that everything below your Adam’s apple is completely clean and shaven. Tackle the excess beard hair on your cheeks next. Keep the overall shape of your beard in mind, and then shave away anything that is above the designated beard line. Lastly, clean up your moustache by trimming away any hair that is growing over your lip.

Take control of your look time: The best part of figuring out –

A beard is the best way for you to cover up features that may seem unattractive. A beard can help to distract or cover-up a weak chin, a Charlie Brown head or a growing bear gut, making it essential to figure out how to grow a beard.

In case you have a rounded face, getting a trimmed cheek-line can help to give a slant that will lend an angle to your facial structure. Having a square hair style can also be made appealing with a beard that is short, with rounded edges. A beer gut, on the other hand, keep your beard trimmed straight down from your ears and cheekbones, so that your beard is slightly shorter than your goatee area.

Make sure that you have the right gear time: The best part of figuring out –

The main difference between an unkempt beard and a stylish beard is the product that you use. The most important step to figuring out how to grow a beard is to make sure to use a beard comb, that will keep your beard hair moving in the same direction.

Keep a trimmer at hand as well, which will help you tend to your beard. Beard balm also helps to tame wiry beards and giving them a clean, well-rounded shape. Oil rub can also be used, as it can help to prevent skin dryness, and also softens your beard hair.

Don time: The best part of figuring out ’t go in for beard-specific shampoos– contrary to advertising slogans everywhere, normal shampoo and conditioners work just fine on your beard. The most important step in figuring out how to grow a beard is to wash once in a while, so that you can clean out all the dirt, bacteria that may be hidden inside your beard. Also, avoid going in for harsh, dandruff-tackling shampoo, as it can affect your beard’s volume.

Keep your beard partner-friendly time: The best part of figuring out – Beard burns are a very real thing, and can be a huge turn off. Unruly, scratchy or stubby facial hair is a sure way to rouse your partner’s ire, and should definitely be avoided. An important part of figuring out how to grow a beard is to keep your beard near, comb out anything that may have gotten stuck in your beard, and to shake out lose hair. Make sure that, if you have a short beard, your facial hair doesn't’t poke or otherwise interrupt a tryst.