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How To Grow A Handlebar Moustache Like A Celeb PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Grow A Handlebar Moustache Like A Celeb

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How To Grow A Handlebar Moustache Like A Celeb - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growing a moustache is a pursuit that many men fail at. Our handy guide on how to grow a moustache will help you look like a rock star.

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Get The Right Moustache Wax: No one loves a limp moustache, no matter how well it is grown, so before you try to figure out how to grow a moustache, get your hands on a moustache wax that works best with your skin, Also, figure out the shape of your handlebar in advance, whether you want it to slope down completely, or twirl up at the ends, and accordingly plan out your purchases.


Don’t forget about a fine-tooth comb– Never ever use the same comb for both your hair and your beard. While figuring out how to grow a moustache, also plan out the right set of combs that you want to have for your moustache. This will not only help to get anything that is stuck in your royal whiskers out, but also help with the blood circulation and keep your moustache in the shape that you want it too naturally. Thus, make sure to keep some time aside for grooming your moustache each day.


Forget About Your Razor: A handlebar moustache needs your entire upper lip to grow on. The most important step of growing a moustache is to stop shaving any part of your face. While it may take up to three months for the complete deal to grow out, it is important that you hold strong, and not go for the trimmers immediately. Avoid trimming the parts of your moustache that grow right above your lip.


Keep Grooming Your Moustache - Just waiting for your moustache to grow out won’t give you what you want. Once it is long enough to comb, start giving it the shape you want it to have. The first step towards figuring out how to grow a moustache is by parting your moustache down the middle of your lip, and then gently combing each half away from your nose. You can also add a little bit of moustache wax to keep your hair in place.


Don’t hesitate to experiment– the pleasure of figuring out how to grow a moustache is only half the fun. The other part is figuring out what you want to do with the result. A full handlebar take time to grow out. In the meanwhile, it can pay to try a few new looks. You can also shape the new hair into the handlebar shape by twisting the ends. While your moustache won’t be long enough to get a good curl, it can help give you an idea about how the finished product will look. When you’ve reached this stage of growth, you can also begin trimming the sides to help create different shapes.


Getting The Right Shape Is Half The fun - Once your moustache is long enough to curl, you need to start thinking about moustache trimming. This will help you plan the way you want your moustache to look, and is also an important part of figuring out how to grow a moustache. The first step you need to take is to plan how long you want your moustache. You can either go in for a large curl, or a bigger moustache. If, on the other hand, you want to plan for a smaller moustache, you can begin trimming the ends to ensure that it doesn’t get longer.


Keep Your Grooming Cycle Constant– Don’t forget that figuring out how to grow a moustache also needs to be followed by the how to maintain your moustache. When you’ve got your moustache at the right length, go to your barber and ask about how you can keep your moustache maintained. Don’t hesitate to ask for help either, because there’s nothing quite as sad as a badly trimmed moustache.