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No1 #Decorative Veneer Ply manufacturer, supplier, exporter in delhi PowerPoint Presentation
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No1 #Decorative Veneer Ply manufacturer, supplier, exporter in delhi

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No1 #Decorative Veneer Ply manufacturer, supplier, exporter in delhi
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No1 #Decorative Veneer Ply manufacturer, supplier, exporter in delhi

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  1. Welcome to Mohindra Traders Located at Delhi, Mohindra Traders is a rapidly growing wholesaler, supplier and trader in the wood industry by providing repertoire of woods such as Block Board, Chinese Wood Board, Chinese Natural Teak, Decorative Veneer, Embossed MDF, Prelam Particle Board, MDF Board, MDF Grill Boards and Panels etc. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  2. About us Located at Delhi, Mohindra Traders is a rapidly growing wholesaler, supplier and trader in the wood industry by providing repertoire of woods such as Block Board, Chinese Wood Board, Chinese Natural Teak, Decorative Veneer, Embossed MDF, Prelam Particle Board, MDF Board, MDF Grill Boards and Panels, Pine Batten etc. Inspired by the artistic work of wood done by the skilled craftsman, we entered into the industry for providing something better and different to the clients. Our clients approach us with willingness to explore a wide spectrum of woods available with us. The entire range of woods is widely appreciated owing to their fine finish, cutting, timeless polish, different variety with elegant designs and free from any kind of infestations. In addition, our organization is contributing in the furniture industry by providing various kinds of woods which are required to make modern-age stylish and standard wooden furniture. Besides, unmatched quality products, we are known in the market for our effective communication, well-timed schedule of delivery, competent price and skilled professionals. At present, we are in alliance with large pool of worthy clients to grow and satisfy various requirements of the market. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  3. Our Products Pinewood-Spruce Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) alludes to White Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine and Subalpine Fir, all having common characteristics and properties. SPF’s strength, light weight, ease of taking care of and carpentry properties has made it a prevalent wood for a wide range of encircling applications in construction. SPF has great dimensional stability and strength making it a popular choice for pre-fabricated eco homes. In India, SPF is recognized as a superior wood for the solid door, doorframe, furniture carcass and modular housing. Ideal for Structural prefabricated cottages Furniture framing Flush door frame Popular Applications Wooden Furniture Furniture Doors & Windows Structural Features Good planning and shaping quality Excellent nail and screw holding properties with very good resistance to splitting Good staining properties Great strength and dimensional stability Outstanding working properties Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  4. Our Products Natural Teak Ply Very authorize in the business, we are effectively assembling and providing an extensive variety of Natural Teak Plywood. The offered plywood opposes stains, termites, and scratches as it is reinforced with melamine formaldehyde tar for better holding and sparkly surface. The offered plywood is utilized broadly for different applications in furniture, inside enhancement and ship building. We offer this Natural Teak Plywood in various sizes to meet the variegated requests of the customers. Features: Non-skid surface Dimensional accuracy High impact strength White PVC Foam Board White PVC Foam Board is one of the specialized categories of product we offer. The offered board is often used in advertisement, decoration, engineer, electronic industry and so on. This board is highly demanded by our prestigious clients owing to its light weight, moisture resistance, shock absorbance and fine finish. In addition, the offered board is available in different dimensions and colors to fulfill the diversified requirements of our clients. Features: Moisture resistance Perfect finish Varied thickness Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  5. Our Products Block Board Our range of products include Laminated Block Board, Wooden Block Board, Ply Wood Block Board and Solid Timber Block Board. Chinese-Veneers Russia ash veneer also called china ash veneer, brown ash veneer. Size: 1200mm-2800mm x 100mm and up x 0.5mm. Grain: Crown Cut & Quarter Cut. Cut Size: Sliced Cut. Veneer Type: Natural Wood Veneer It can be used on the surface of the furniture, door, plywood, MDF, chipboard and block board; interior decoration, etc. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  6. Our Products Sliced Natural Chinese Ash Wood Veneer Sheet Russia fiery remains veneer, likewise called china powder veneer, started from upper east China and Irkutsk of Russia, is a hardwood veneer fundamentally utilized for furniture surface making and inside enhancement. Russia slag veneer has pleasant grains with uniform light chestnut shading. The most prominent grain type of cocoa fiery remains veneer is crown cut and quarter cut. The better logs show a uniform church building crown with spotless, straight stripes. The yearly development rings are frequently unequivocally characterized and give the veneer an unmistakable look. In veneers, the grain and structure of Russia fiery remains veneer with less expensive cost is fundamentally the same as white cinder veneer, which makes it one of more alluring hardwood veneers. Applications: Normal Russia fiery remains veneer is an item connected to the surface of the furniture to give it the presence of being made of strong Russia slag amble. It is additionally ordinarily utilized as a part of a surface of the entryway, likewise know as plywood, MDF, chipboard and piece board and inside enhancement, and so forth. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  7. Our Products Grill Boards and Panels While fulfilling various market demands, we are providing Grill Boards which is highly used in the furniture industry. These boards are perfectly designed to enhance the beauty and standard of the furniture. Besides moisture resistance, these boards are famous for their long life,low maintenance, fine finish, smooth surface and affordable price. We are known as one of the famous entity for providing exclusive collection of grill boards including MDF Grill Panels which are widely appreciated in the market. These are the artistically made panels proving a prudent solution to the modernized furniture designs. The ready to use, durable, contemporary design, high quality and affordable price of this panel attract many clients across the nation. Features of Grill Boards: Modern design pattern Fine finish Long life Features of Grill Boards: Elegant designs Natural color shades Smooth surface Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  8. Our Products Chinese Natural Teak We are a leading Wholesale Trader of Chinese Natural Teak from New Delhi, India. We are keen to meet the clients’ key expectations of having different kinds of wood such as Chinese Natural Teak. These offered teaks are exclusively developed and polished to satisfy our clients’ key expectations. The clients can make modern-age furniture by using this natural teak available at market affordable rates. Features: Moisture resistance Easy to clean Standard quality Embossed MDF While capitalizing on our wide experience of the market, we are efficient in offering different kinds of woods including Embossed MDF to our clients. These woods facilitate carpenters to make the furniture as they are ready to use, moisture free, specially designed and affordably priced. Further, our clients can receive the offered wood at competent market price. Features: Smooth surface Modern design Easy to cut Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  9. Our Products Decorative Veneer Ply Decorative plywood or veneer is essentially a thin cut of costly grained wood Or reconstituted wood adhered to a lesser costly plywood, MDF, or molecule board piece to give an Esthetic fancied complete that the particular wood sort would provide.Usually, it is utilized as a part of framing and furniture making. Advantages Available in the extensive variety of decision. It is bubbling water confirmation. Application Furniture Paneling/Partitions/Ceiling Wardrobes/Counters Important Details-Veneer Test Report Specialty in our Veneered Decorative Plywood 5 Ply development of the beautiful plywood . Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  10. Our Products Sunmica Board We bring modern designed woods to our clients such as Sunmica Board which is in huge demand in the market. The furniture can be made in modernized way reflecting various beautiful design patterns, glossy shining, smooth surface and standard quality. This board is broadly used for various furniture products. Furthermore, our clients can receive the offered sunmica at market competent price. Features: Unique design pattern Easy to clean Standard polish Mr Grade Ply MR grade plywood implies Moisture Resistant plywood. In India, it is otherwise called Commercial grade plywood. The term MR (dampness safe) can be somewhat confounding in such manner. In any case, clients ought to note that 'dampness safe' does not signify 'waterproof'. It just implies that the plywood is fit for opposing moistness and dampness. The important features of MR grade plywood are listed below.It is an Interior grade plywood, appropriate for indoor utilize. The most widely recognized utilization of MR plywood is for making home and office furniture. Clients who need waterproof plywood for their furniture ought to pick the better quality BWR grade plywood, which is waterproof and made utilizing phenolic pitches. BWR grade utilizes costs more than Commercial MR grade handle, yet it is better to make furniture that is probably going to get wet e.g. Kitchen cupboards. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  11. Our Products MDF Plywood MDF is a built wood composite that is like particle board yet is much denser and more grounded than particle board. Much the same as plywood, you can buy MDF in various thicknesses relying upon what you requirement for your venture. Envision if the greater part of the sawdust was cleared up from other wood item producing procedures, and afterward that sawdust was blended with covers and squeezed into huge sheets the extent of plywood. Alright, that is way misrepresented, and it's not precisely the procedure they use to make MDF, yet that gives you a thought of the cosmetics of the item. Since it's made out of such little wood filaments, there's no wood grain in MDF. What's more, since it's squeezed so hard at such high temperatures, there are no voids in MDF like you find in particle board. Here you can see the clear distinction between molecule board and MDF, with MDF on the top and particle board on the base. ADVANTAGES OF MDF MDF is by and large less expensive than plywood. The surface of MDF is exceptionally smooth, and you don't need to stress over bunches at first glance. Since it's so smooth, it's an incredible surface for painting. I suggest first preparing with a quality oil-based groundwork. Likewise in light of its smoothness, MDF is an extraordinary substrate for lacquer. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  12. Our Products PVC Foam Board PVC foam board otherwise called Andy board and Chevron board is utilized widely in both indoor and open air applications. Its compound arrangement is Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is utilized as a part of publicizing, building and furniture enterprises. PVC foam board is made of lightweight, foamed PVC, which is lightweight, dampness and erosion safe. It is impervious to chemicals and has low water assimilation. The thickness of the material reaches from 2 mm to 5 mm. The surface of the foam board can be effectively engraved, processed, emblazoned, painted, printed and covered by necessities. Likewise, they don't rot with time and their hues don't blur for quite a while. Uses of PVC foam boards are: Ceilings of autos, transports, trains Interior boards, enhancing boards, building divider boards Office, open, private and business structures Screen printing, publicizing, PC lettering Signs show boards, naming, and board industry Chemical erosion designing Panels of coolers, kitchen cupboards Sports gear Waterfront offices, dampness, and water-based materials Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  13. Our Products Commercial Ply In India, when plywood businesspeople, craftsmen, and inside planners discuss Commercial plywood what they typically mean to state is MR grade plywood. There are diverse evaluations of plywood in light of value and attributes, for example, MR grade, BWR grade, Marine plywood and so forth. The acronym MR remains for Moisture Resistant, while BWR implies Boiling Water Resistant. While a few people do club BWR grade plywood into the business sort, for the vast majority in the Indian plywood industry the expression "Business" implies MR grade, while "Waterproof" means BWR grade. The important features of MR grade Commercial plywood are listed below. It is an Interior grade plywood, which means it's for indoor utilize. It is not waterproof. In spite of the fact that the word 'Dampness Resistant' (MR) can befuddle many individuals into imagining that it's waterproof, that is not the situation. Being 'dampness safe' is not the same as being 'water safe'. While the reality of the matter is that dampness safe plywood can withstand some measure of dampness and stickiness, it can't be said to be waterproof. Then again, the outside BWR grade plywood is waterproof. On account of Commercial plywood, Urea melamine formaldehyde sap is normally utilized for sticking the individual handles together. Then again, BWR grade is produced using phenol formaldehyde, which is an engineered plastic tar. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  14. Our Products Prelam Particle Board Offering you a complete choice of products which include Prelam Particle Board, Decorated Prelam Particle Board and Designing PrelamParticleBoard. Our organization is one of the specialized organizations in the market which cater willingly to different requirements of the clients. The offered Designing Prelam Particle Board is designed and developed in more artistic manner to make the designer furniture. These boards are perfect to use for making modernized and designer furniture at cost-beneficial rates. Features: Designer look Attractive design pattern Fine finish Shuttering Ply To cater diversified requirements of the clients, we are offering a wide series of Shuttering Ply which has huge demand in the market. The skilled professionals design and cut these ply into specific dimension to meet the needs of the clients. This is the specialized category of ply available in various design pattern and attractive range of colors. Features: Attractive designs Standard polish Multi colors Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  15. Our Products MDF Board We are blessed with the required facilities to provide uniquely designed MDF Board to our clients. This product has attractive design patterns, fine finish, standard shining, natural color shades and affordable price. These products are widely appreciated for its feature of making furniture beautiful and attractive. Besides, our clients can receive these products at market reasonable price. Features: Modern design pattern Smooth surface Long life Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  16. Contact US MOHINDRA TRADERS Contact Person: AnshulArora Address: A-79 W.H.S Kirtinagar Timber Market New Delhi-110015 Mobile: +91-9899153111 Phone no: 011-41421297 Email: Alternate Email id: Website: Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111

  17. Website - | phone NO. - 9899153111