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Yoga Practice- Health and Freedom PowerPoint Presentation
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Yoga Practice- Health and Freedom

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Yoga Practice- Health and Freedom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Without good health you cannot wage war against the turbulent senses and the boisterous mind. Do daily yoga for healthy life.Buy yoga wear harem, t-shirts, capris, mala, wriat bracelets, yoga jewelry and decorative spiritual statue

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Yoga Exercises



Yoga Exercises to men and women of East and West who desire to possess wonderful health, charming and powerful personality, longevity, abundant energy, muscular strength and nerve-vigour.

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Thou art, O Lord! the creator of the Universe. Thou art the Protector of the world. Thou art in the Grass and the Rose. Thou art in the Sun and the Stars. Salutations unto Thee, O Destroyer of the cycle of births and deaths! Salutations unto Thee, O Bestowed of Bliss and Immortality!

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Brass Ganesha Statue


Good health is your greatest asset. Without good health you can hardly expect success in any walk of life.

Dancing Shiva

Nataraja Shiva


Regular practice of Yoga Exercises or Yoga Asans even for Fifteen minutes a day will keep you quite fit and soon make you hale and hearty.

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Daily practice of Yoga, you will have abundant energy, muscular strength and nerve power, a charming personality and will live long.

Wear Spiritual Japa malas during yoga


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