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Examining Methods for building successful Mobile Apps

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Examining Methods for building successful Mobile Apps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Examining Methods for building

successful Mobile Apps


Device Selection

Before starting cellular app examining actions, is to select the gadgets to be used for examining the app. It’s a very crucial choice to make because the product you select should signify the most of focus on clients for you app.


1 OS Version – Mobile apps should be tested on all major stable OS versions.

2 Screen Resolution – Use a mix of difference screen resolutions to test the mobile app, because the user experience varies on different screen sizes and screen resolutions.

3 Form Factor – Mobile applications may act differently on Smartphone's and tablets. Therefore, if the app is compatible to both Smartphone's and tablets, it should be tested for both form factors.


Beta Testing of your Mobile App

Try out examining of your cellular app can be a very effective method of cellular app examining that gives you access to real-world evaluators, real gadgets, real systems, and wide geographical protection.


Test your mobile app for factors like

Network density

How the app behaves on specific devices

How real-world users interact with the app

Different battery states on the devices

Multiple networks (Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, etc.)


Network Connectivity

Majority of mobile applications depend on network connectivity to provide rich functionality. Therefore, testing mobile apps in real network environments is essential to get the real picture, to assess the behavior of the app in real mobile networks.


Manual Vs Automated Testing

Automated testing is highly effective in consistently repeating a test procedure in regression testing as well as testing during the development stages. However, test automation requires significant amount of initial investment.


The solution lifecycle is long, and the application is growing and evolving.

The scale and frequency of regression testing is high.

A large chunk of test cases include existing functionality test cases.

In reference to mobile application testing, automation should be used to Verify application compatibility when a new OS version is released Check backward compatibility when the application is upgraded.



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To make the cellular program successful, we can’t ignore the importance of cellular program examining technique, but it is unclear so great technique can deliver quality cellular app and can increase the performance of the cellular program. With excellent examining technique, excellent target devices and examining strategies should be there.