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Are you bored of your kitchen décor? Does your kitchen worktop fail to excite you anymore? If your answer is a ‘yes’, it’s time to invest in a new kitchen worktop.

This PPT lets you know about how various Caesarstone worktops can help you in giving your kitchen a new look. For detailed information visit

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Give your Kitchen a facelift with Caesarstone Worktops MKW Surfaces

    2. Are you bored of your kitchen décor? MKW Surfaces

    3. Do you require worktops that are resistant to stains and scratches? MKW Surfaces

    4. Do you want to revamp your kitchen to bring back its lost charm and glory? YES MKW Surfaces

    5. It’s TIME to invest in a new kitchen worktop MKW Surfaces

    6. Installation of a new kitchen countertop can add a new look and feel to the entire space MKW Surfaces

    7. MKW Surfaces

    8. Quartz Limestone ONYX Compac Caesarstone Technistone Silestone Marble Granite MKW Surfaces

    9. CAESARSTONE • It is the world’s finest engineered stone for kitchen worktops • It is famed for their semi-precious and sophisticated look MKW Surfaces

    10. The extensive range of collection will show the unique properties and unmatched craftsmanship of Caesarstone quartz worktops MKW Surfaces

    11. Caesarstone 4230 ShitakeTM A unique combination of nature’s rustiness and earthy beauty. The colour shade goes with all types of kitchen décor themes MKW Surfaces

    12. Caesarstone 6131 BiancoDriftTM Inspired by light granites and combines delicate vein features MKW Surfaces

    13. Caesarstone 5131 CalacattaNuvoTM The stone surface features cascading, grey veins against an elegant white backdrop MKW Surfaces

    14. Caesarstone 5003 Piatra GreyTM Beautiful chalky white veins break the monotony of the grey surface MKW Surfaces

    15. Caesarstone 5220 Dreamy MarfilTM Nothing can beat the beauty and charm of Dreamy Marfil. Featuring a delicate blend of creamy beiges with fine brown veins MKW Surfaces

    16. Caesarstone 5100 Vanilla NoirTM Features a classic black base with light veins for a glamorous appeal MKW Surfaces

    17. Caesarstone 4220 ButtermilkTM This natural looking organic design is created combining several creamy tones and the latest colour blending technology MKW Surfaces

    18. Caesarstone 5141 Frosty CarrinaTM The quartz surface features beautiful soft ivory white with delicate powdery grey veins to offer a soft look and feel MKW Surfaces

    19. Caesarstone 4004 Raw ConcreteTM To get a classic industrial concrete look, you may opt for the new concrete matt textured finish to enhance the authenticity of its appearance MKW Surfaces

    20. Caesarstone 7100 Ebony ReflectionsTM Combining multiple shades of grey, blue, and green, this classic collection is a dream to work with MKW Surfaces

    21. Caesarstone 9350 CaramelTM It is ideal for softer shades such as beige, cream, etc. Its light brown shade with fine dark brown stone crystals can add glamour to any setting MKW Surfaces

    22. Caesarstone 6270 Atlantic SaltTM • Inspired by granites weathered by the ocean, this quartz surface exhibits intricate patterns and sculpted design in white, grey and black • Caesarstone 6250 Wild RocksTM • Wild Rocks is an epitome of the strength, versatility and beauty of natural stones that have gracefully withstood years of wear and tear • Caesarstone 5212 TajRoyaleTM • It offers a sophisticated look and adds a touch of royalty to any interiors MKW Surfaces

    23. Caesarstone 3350 WalnutTM • Walnut is the perfect work surface to complement different types of timber as well as modern materials • Caesarstone 2040 UrbanTM • Urban features a warm grey shade coupled with subtle and consistent design MKW Surfaces

    24. Multiple Edge Profiles • Pencil Edge (recommended for 6mm minimum radius), • Bullnose Edge (full profile radius), • Laminated Edge (thicker edge look recommended for contemporary interiors), • MitredApron Edge (works best with supernatural design edges), • Shark Nose Edge (if you desire for a thin edge, floating look), • Splayed Edge and 5x5 Shadow Line Edge Join (preferred for islands and drop down panels) MKW Surfaces

    25. Now you have options to choose from extensive collection of Caesarstone worktops as well as multiple edge profiles These kitchen countertop will help to get a facelift for your kitchen MKW Surfaces

    26. MKW Surfaces

    27. To buy these exotic stone worktops, you can contact: MKW Surfaces 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU Tel: 020-3078-8912 E-mail:

    28. Thank you