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How MARBLE Can Create a Beautiful Design on Open-Plan KITCHENS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How marble can create a beautiful design on open plan kitchens


Can Create a

Beautiful Design

on Open-Plan


How marble can create a beautiful design on open plan kitchens

A Kitchen is an integral part of the house and the soul of the establishment. In past years, the

kitchen was a formal part of the house. It was closed, strict and tucked away.

As our lifestyles became busier and more casual, people began to spend more time at home

and there was a need for the kitchen to come out into the open space.

Nowadays, kitchens continue to be the heart and soul of the home although there is a new

twist! More and more people are now bringing the walls down to opt for open-plan kitchens

with extravagant décor including white marble worktops, marble kitchen worktops, different

colour themes etc.

What Is an Open-Plan Kitchen?

An open-plan kitchen is an area that does not have a set fencing or

defines boundaries and walls as a separate section.

Open plan kitchens are now part of the living area with no barriers

and the décor is blended in with the rest of the design setting. As

more and more women became working and the family patterns

shifted to that of a nuclear family, the need to be always together

was greater than ever before.

The families and setups became less formal and hence, the kitchen

became a part of the active sitting area where the family could be

together while cooking, eating and socializing with friends.

How marble can create a beautiful design on open plan kitchens

Benefits of Open-Plan Kitchen the establishment. In past years, the

1. You can multi task– The best part about an open plan kitchen is that you can multi

task while cooking. Whether you have a large family, a couple or living alone, an open

plan kitchen helps you watch TV while cooking or helping your kids with their

homework while you make them a sandwich. Open plan kitchens bring together the

best of classic and contemporary!

2. It becomes an interactive part of the house– You can talk, sing, interact with each other

and do this while fixing dinner peacefully on a luxurious Bianco Carrara marble

worktop! As the walls do not cage you in a separate establishment altogether, it

becomes easier to interact and be with everyone whilst cooking.

3. Makes the space look bigger– The least amount of walls and divisions there are; the

better, bigger and roomier a space looks. An open plan kitchen favours the space

and makes it look bigger and airier. You can make it apart of the living room by

merging the dining area with the kitchen worktops!

4. You can be creative– An open layout gives you the liberty and freedom of

experimenting with different colour schemes, types of stone and is creative at the

same time. We are thinking of chic marble kitchen worktops, or Carrara marble

worktop with complimentary chairs and a few accent décor pieces here and there.

5. It is less formal– Open plan kitchens are less formal than

closed kitchens. As previously mentioned, they are

interactive and help you multi-tasking. You are not

tucked away in a separate room while cooking and can

also be with everyone else in the house whilst cooking.

6. Entertain guests- With family and friends gathering, an

open plan kitchen works great because you can

entertain everyone while preparing food. It is fun,

people actively become a part of the ritual and everyone

is helping everyone. Thus more bonding!

7. Less hassle– An open plan kitchen is less of a hassle.

They are more accessible. For a party or while

entertaining guess, you can easily shift everything from

the marble kitchen worktop to the dining area.

How marble can create a beautiful design on open plan kitchens

Why Marble Can Create Beautiful Open-Plan Kitchens? the establishment. In past years, the

Choosing the perfect material for your kitchen worktop can be a daunting task. With so

many options available in the market it often becomes difficult to pick one and be confident

with the final choice.

There are many options available for kitchen worktops and flooring such as marble,

granite, Silestone, wooden worktops, stainless steel etc. They offer durability, stain

resistance, low maintenance etc. Out of these, we believe marble is the one material that

fulfils all your open plan kitchen requirements and is a perfect choice for renovation or

furnishing you kitchen.

Marble is one of the most abundantly used material when it comes to decking up space be

it a home, a luxury hotel, commercial premises or office spaces. Its wide applications and

versatility make it a popular material amongst the pioneers of architecture and design. If

you are looking to renovate your kitchen here are few of the many reasons how marble can

create a beautiful design on open-plan kitchens.

It is chic– From immemorial times, humans have

had a soft corner for marble. It is chic, elegant and a

timeless classic. Thus, add to your open plan

kitchen by choosing a marble worktop.

It makes the space look bigger– Marble worktops,

especially white marble worktops are the ideal pick

for open plan kitchen because they add to the

décor and make the space spacious. A marble

worktop blends in and stands out at the same time

adding to the luxurious space and helps in making

the whole setting look bigger and airier.

How marble can create a beautiful design on open plan kitchens

Timeless look the establishment. In past years, the – Marble worktops in UK and other places of the world are very much in

demand for their gorgeous look and appeal. The various patterns and colours are perfect

for an elegant display. No two marble worktops are the same. You can choose from solid

white to a whole range of grey, green, black and many other marble colours. This

spectacular beautiful piece of natural stone is therefore the perfect choice for a chic and

luxurious look.

Heat resistant– Marble is a very sturdy material when

it comes to using it for hard wearing areas like the

kitchen. It is heat resistant and can work very well for

the kitchen area. Most hot pans, pots etc have no

effect whatsoever on this stone and it remains

unmarred from heat. This particular property makes it

perfect for fireplace surrounds as well. Marble will not

become yellow because of the heat.

Crack resistant- Marble kitchen worktops are crack

resistant and it is a naturally string and heavy material

and a lot of force would be required to break or crack

it. Thus it is perfect for open plan kitchens. Having

said this, many marbles come with natural cracks,

How marble can create a beautiful design on open plan kitchens

Abundantly available the establishment. In past years, the – Marble is a very

popular and widely available material for



applications. This abundance and easy

availability makes it a popular choice for

open plan kitchens. The beauty and

value of the marble adds to the overall

appeal and value of the house.

Perfect for baking– The naturally cooling

properties of marble make it the perfect

pick for baking and preparing food. It is a

huge hit with skilled and well known

bakers and therefore is a perfect choice

if you are a master chef!



High end appeal – Nothing compares to

the beauty of an elegant Carrara marble

worktop. While there are many options

available in the market for kitchen decor

such a granite, glass, ceramics, porcelain,

etc nothing comes close to the luxurious

feel that a while marble worktop has. It

instantly up scales your décor and is a

showstopper for your house. Marble

kitchen worktops are all about luxury

and durability.

Durability– Marble worktops available in

UK and marble worktops available in

London and other places around the

world are popular for their durability.

This stone is abundantly available,

strong and easy to maintain thus making

it a perfect investment for long term.

Greek and Roman statues are a proof of


Unmatched elegance of the white marble–

There is nothing in the market that

compares to the timeless appeal of a

marble kitchen worktop. This alone

makes your home exclusive and high


Perfect temperature– Marble surfaces

remain cool to the touch. When a kitchen

heats up marble kitchen worktops help

in maintain and cooling the temperature.

You can prepare the dough or easily

chop vegetable on the countertop. It is

also heat conductive which means in

cold winters it raises its temperature to








How marble can create a beautiful design on open plan kitchens

Easy to buff out scratches the establishment. In past years, the – If your marble worktop show scratches overtime, it is very

easy to call in a professional or do the polishing yourself and it becomes as good as new!

No two patterns are the same - The naturally occurring patterns in marble slabs and

designs are unique like a DNA. When you choose a slab for your home you can rest

assured that no one else will have the same slab ever! This uniqueness and exclusivity of

marble makes it a huge success among people who are renovating or furnishing their

kitchen, bathrooms, floors etc.

Wide variety– From Carrara marble to the classic white marble, marble slabs are

available in a variety of colour, patterns and thicknesses. This huge plethora of options

gives you the liberty to choose what you think works best for your kitchen or your


Wide applications– The durability, beauty and classic appeal of marble makes it a perfect

pick for everything from kitchen to bathrooms and flooring. It is sting, heat resistant and

looks elegant which makes it a perfect pick for high end establishment as well as a cute

cosy home!

Marble kitchen worktops are available in a wide variety of colours

and are perfect to add a natural and elegant look to your kitchen and

home. It is a stunner and a great conversation starter. Looking at all

the above listed benefits of marble worktops it is safe to say that it is

one of the best choices for your open plan kitchen!

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