how to increase productivity of virtual assistant n.
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How To Increrase Productivity of virtual Assistant PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Increrase Productivity of virtual Assistant

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How To Increrase Productivity of virtual Assistant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Productivity is not ease to increase but If we able to follow a process, certainly we can do that.

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how to increase productivity of virtual assistant

How To Increase Productivity of Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can save you hours a day of work, but only if you make the

most of your time with them and use training systems that greatly simplify

delegation. I have done a mini Research on that topic and Finding the below

tips to get highest return from a virtual Employee.

Give clear instructions

The lack of clear and concise instructions for tasks is an important reason why new

virtual assistants do not work well with entrepreneurs. The best automation tool I

created with my company was an operations manual that describes all the tasks a VA

needs to do. It's been a long time since the beginning, but it's saved in the back with

time and worth fewer mistakes.

Be patient

It takes time to get into a slot with VAs. Do one task at a time and manage each work

at the beginning. Be sure to use clear instructions and be polite and friendly!

Use the right tools

With the right tools, the communication and training process of a new VA can be

accelerated. Examples include devices such as DropBox or Evernote for easy access to

files and information, Jing or Screen for creating online video tutorials for quick

workplace training, and Trello or Asana for managing and tracking tasks tracking


Be realistic

Test your VA with a variety of tasks, some simple and other complex ones, and get an

idea of what he can do without continually accompanying him. There are practical

limits to what a virtual assistant can do without knowing him or seeing his company.

It's not your fifties assistant sitting in front of your desk.

Be nice

virtual assistants are also people they will

Virtual assistants are also people! They will always do an excellent job for you if you

treat them with respect and friendliness.

Take the phone

It's easy to write a tutorial for your virtual assistant that may take longer than you do

yourself. Instead, call the phone to get a five-minute overview of the project with the

VA, and then e-mail the details. So you can ask questions about the general

orientation and avoid wasting more time than the task is worth.

More to communicate

Document everything. Schedule daily meetings from one person to another. Create

screen games. Ask if you have problems or not. The key is to communicate more with

your virtual assistant. Most of the time, it is not that the VA is not capable; is that the

process is interrupted. Invest the time to communicate at a high level, and you will

receive the rewards.

Document all your processes

I save a shared Ever wore folder with notes describing various settings and processes

(for example, planning, traveling, blog posts). This facilitates the integration of a new

VA. If assigning a repetitive task, ask the VA to document it in Evernote for later

reference. -

Delegate routine tasks

Virtual Assistants are great at taking time, but to maximize them, you need to be

honest about the value of your time and the tasks that reduce returns. In general,

everything that is repetitive and routine should be delegated to an assistant.

Theoretically, everyday tasks should be comfortable with some typed instruction sets.

Let her ask questions.

Often, virtual assistants first want to impress by "developing" and not asking

important questions about the requirements of a project. I tell my VA that I prefer

honest and open communication, and they should always feel free to ask for

clarification or advice without feeling stupid

clarification or advice without feeling stupid. This saves time in the long run and tasks

rarely need to be repeated.

Define explicit instructions

Previous communication and repeatable processes are essential. Give a few useful

examples at the beginning and ask them to perform a series of tasks based on these

examples and provide feedback to continue.

Develop a 90-days plan

Think about what your VA should do in seven days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days.

What is necessary for you in advance? What can you expect but still have to be

solved? You had months or years to learn your job and your job; Develop a plan that

makes progress in performance expectations so that both can succeed.

Wrap up

As we work from the remote place with a VA and we always love to get best output

from them. so it is important to be friendly and nice to them. I also think over

communication can reduce the productivity. Hope above tips will be benefited to you.