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How to Handle Conflict at work PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Handle Conflict at work

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How to Handle Conflict at work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We have must control conflict at work to maintain the best home working environment. Read the document carefully and utilize that.

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how to handle conflicts at work

How to Handle Conflicts at Work

How many times over the years have you witnessed the self-destruction of

professionals who are experts, incidentally, because they are not involved

because of conflict?

If you poke your head in the sand and wait for the conflict to go beyond you,

this is not the most effective way to solve problems. Conflicts are rarely

resolved; conflicts usually escalate if they are not proactively and effectively

addressed. It is not unusual to see what could manifest as a non-event in a

monumental problem if it had not been resolved from the beginning.

How conflicts can be tackled, managed and resolved can affect your career as

almost all professions involve collaboration and teamwork. Take a seat or look

at your teammates and you'll find enemies in every corner. Instead, you

deserve the respect of colleagues by treating conflicts the right way. Here we

show you how to get on the right track.

Start the conversation properly

If you want someone to respond to you openly, honestly and non-defensively,

you should first give general information about why you are approaching them.

This brings your intent into the foreground, so you do not have to accept it.

Stay calm and listen

Keep calm is important, and while it can be easier said than done, it helps to

see the big picture instead of just focusing on your contribution. Listen

attentively to what the other person is saying instead of having the

conversation and sharing your emotions.

Find common ground

it is important to find common points

It is important to find common points or to create them between you and the

person on the other side. This will help to normalize the situation and change

the conflict, if this is particularly undesirable.

Present your case tactfully

The key here is to help people understand their point of view without becoming

defensive. Own what you own, apologize for what you or your team did wrong,

and do it first. You will hear what you have to say next.

Attack the problem, not the person

Your points will be more pronounced if you can depersonalize your comments

and highlight the problem. For example, rather than blaming someone for

"always breaking everything," it is better to say, "We need to look more closely

at why this happens again."

Avoid the game of reproach

Assigning guilt alone is useful in a case when you assign it to yourself. In

general, find out who the mistake is if the goal is to solve a problem. It's a

distraction and sometimes an expensive thing, because when a person feels

guilty they often part with a conversation.

Choose your battles

It is also important to remember to choose your struggles. Human nature

makes us right to be even on the defensive or to discuss issues that are largely

irrelevant. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

what do you think

What do you think?

The ability to recognize conflicts, understand their nature, and provide a quick

and just solution will be very helpful. The inability to do so could be their

downfall. In your experience, what skills do you need to effectively resolve a

conflict? Discuss your opinion below and participate in the conversation in the

comment section.

Final words

If you able to take action at the right time, we can eradicate lot of small and big

conflict easily at work. Sometimes we face some unhealthy situation in the

office or work. We always need make sure a friendly environment. If we can

make sure that kind of healthy practice we would enjoy better work place and

productivity would be higher than before.

Follow these tips and take your business in the next level.

Have a good day!