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Milton Apartments

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Milton Apartments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The contemporary suburban community of Milton lies in eastern Massachusetts. It prides itself on rich historical heritage, tree-lined streets, and acres of protected land. It has the most privately and publicly conserved land within 20 miles of Boston. This portrays a country atmosphere in close immediacy to the cultural and business opportunities in the Greater Boston area. Residents of Milton have quick access to major freeways such as Route 128, Interstate 93 and Interstate 95. Residents can also easily access the Red Line into Boston. Milton still retains many 19th century country houses and estates as well as early 19th century workers housing. Examples include the Forbes House, the Suffolk Resolves House, and the field stone walls forming property boundaries. Milton is a town that implies a contemporary setting; however, is sure not to abandon its historical past. Milton is a very welcoming community, come buy your Milton Apartment today.

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Milton Apartments

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Milton was named seventh in Money Magazine’s list of the “Best Places to Live in the United States” in 2007, and fifth in 2009.It received this recognition for a reason; Milton is a beautiful and historical suburban community which retains easy connections to major freeways and trains. Its citizens are largely musically inclined, as there are many opportunities for musicians in Milton. Musical competitions are hosted by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Harvard Musical Association, Quincy Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops Orchestra, and the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra.


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